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YUI – Green a.live October 2, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Green a.live
  2. Let’s face it
  3. HELLO ~YUI acoustic version~
  4. Green a.live ~Instrumental~

1. Green a.live

I like Green a.live for some reason.  I mean it isn’t as random as some of the previous A-sides of the era so it’s basically YUI back to basics with the case of this song and add that it’s more of a ballad really worked here.  Strings and acoustic guitar might be a bit overload, but it’s still really pretty to listen to since if I remember this right, she’s singing roughly about the situation of the earthquake.  Even if I didn’t know about that, I like this song either way.  It’s a great A-side to listen to!

2. Let’s face it

Unlike the slow-paced feel of “Green a.live”, Let’s face it is more louder and rockin’ for YUI and it has this cool feel to it that talks to me quite nicely.  I’m also liking the fact I’m hearing YUI in a deeper tone as well.  Sadly, after a while it kind of gets redundant and it feels repetitive for some reason…I don’t know…I’m not a fan of this B-side lol.

3. HELLO ~YUI acoustic version~

So we get an acoustic version of HELLO (which is her last A-side of course).  I actually once again find myself adoring the acoustic version over the original and it actually sounds better this way because YUI doesn’t sound as off-putting as she did on the original cut.  She does have problems still with those high notes but they aren’t painful to listen to IMO.  Catchy, I must say.



As YUI’s closes the era, the final single represented was alright but nothing better than “Rain” unfortunately.  I really enjoyed the light and positive Green a.live and it might be the best of the A-sides, but the B-side actually disappointed me since it kind of got annoying after a while.  At least the acoustic take of HELLO was nice and was an upgrade after the original!


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