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MIYAVI vs. KREVA – STRONG October 5, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. STRONG (MYV “Exclusive” ver.)
  3. STRONG (Instrumental)


MIYAVI…always the excellent guitar-player he is comes out with STRONG and boy it’s a surprise for me.  KREVA who’s a pretty well-known hip-hop artist is here collaborating with MIYAVI and it’s great to see more collaborations to be honest.  While it shows that MIYAVI does the music part while KREVA takes lyrics and it seems pretty damn awesome and KREVA raps nicely.  I do notice MIYAVI just yells in the chorus and that’s his contribution.  Funky song and while it isn’t musically filled (more like what MIYAVI’s sound was in the “WHAT’S MY NAME?” era.

2. STRONG (MYV “Exclusive” ver.)

I was curious to what this version was about and it seems that MIYAVI is singing but with different lyrics.  I love MIYAVI’s vocals and they really have a nice gritty feel to em.  It feels like a totally different song but in the same arrangement and melody.  It’s kind of wild and brings out such an edgy feel.  Hmmmm….



As it’s the first in a project that has MIYAVI collaborating, the first, STRONG was pretty cool.  MIYAVI is pretty damn good of an artist and his skills were put to the test and it sounds so good.  KREVA did a pretty good job and his skills were done pretty well along with the high-energy guitar playing.  Though I must say, at the end of the day MIYAVI kills it when it was just him and seriously liked the other version better.  I can only wonder who he’ll collaborate with next…


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