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Etsuko Yakushimaru Metro Orchestra – Nornir/Shounen ya Ware ni Kaere October 6, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Nornir
  2. Shounen ya Ware ni Kaere
  3. Nornir (off vocal ver.)
  4. Shounen ya Ware ni Kaere (off vocal ver.)

Bonus CD

  1. Nornir (Ametsub remix)
  2. Shounen ya Ware ni Kaere (DJ BAKU remix)

1. Nornir

I wasn’t expecting Etsuko to go out of her way for Nornir which starts nice and smooth but quickly moves into this quick-paced mix of guitar band and an orchestra while Etsuko is singing in her serious whispery tones.  I didn’t think the song was kind of gonna have this rather anime-paced feel and I liked it.  Though once again I do admit she doesn’t have strong vocals on here because she sounds flat when she sings out and that’s a no-no.  I will say as this is her most serious song yet (though I havent heard her first two singles) I must say this is kind of impressive work!

2. Shounen ya Ware ni Kaere

As for the other A-side, the xylophone really sent me into a sweet place for this song.  Add in the brass and it’s kind of like a pseudo-bossa nova kind of tune and I kind of enjoyed it since it favored Etsuko’s vocals a bit more even though she has problems getting those high notes but she’s still kind of enjoyable.  I think I enjoy this tune better than “Nornir” but they are pretty good.

3. Nornir (Ametsub remix)

I guess if you get the single you get a bonus disc with two remixes (one each of the title tracks).  First is obviously Nornir’s and a 7 minute remix might be a normal thing to artists but damn I didn’t expect such a strange and abstract kind of remix that’s very atmospheric and wacky and yet suits Etsuko just fine.  About 2 and a half minutes in, the original percussion melody joins in for a little bit but then fades out.  It’s a strange lil remix…and seriously? Coin blips? 

4. Shounen ya Ware ni Kaere (DJ BAKU remix)

The remix for the other A-side sounds totally different from the original take that it might bother some people because there’s warped strings and some weird breathing from Etsuko at the beginning.  To me it feels a little more like a hip-hop thing because the rhythm of the song kind rolls that way.  It’s kind of a weird dub-steppish remix but I don’t really enjoy it lol.



I wonder if she’s gonna keep using the Metro Orchestra for future releases since this single sounds really nice (talking about both of the A-sides here).  The bonus CD with the remixes is definitely failed work and should be avoided.  It’s my favorite single Etsuko has released that I’ve reviewed so far…hmmm


One Response to “Etsuko Yakushimaru Metro Orchestra – Nornir/Shounen ya Ware ni Kaere”

  1. I think these two are my favorite ones from all of her singles since the melody and voice is great,
    As well because they’re tied in to Mawaru Penguindrum xD
    Also is recommended to hear soutaiseiriron which was the band where she was before going solo

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