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SUPER☆GiRLS – Joshiryoku←Paradise October 6, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Joshiryoku←Paradise
  2. WAKE UP! ~Onna no Ko no Chikara~
  3. Girl’s Party -my friend Jenny-
  4. SUPER☆GiRLS Chouzetsu Gakuen School Days Collection Aki-Chouzetsu Sai de Dai Soudou!
  5. Joshiryoku←Paradise (instrumental)
  6. WAKE UP! ~Onna no Ko no Chikara~ (instrumental)

1. Joshiryoku←Paradise

Ooooh, a kind of brass-forward kind of song for the group’s 3rd A-side it seems.  I actually kind of like the sound of this one since it’s less peppy and his a stronger flow and lets the members get solo lines (or dual lines).  There’s some strong vocals but there’s a couple that are just bad (like the squeaky one at the end of the first chorus).  It’s definitely my favorite A-side the group has released so far so that’s a good thing!

2. WAKE UP! ~Onna no Ko no Chikara~

The first B-side though was definitely the best of the single because it just wasn’t drenched in the overly cute idol-shnuff that has bothered me in a couple of previous songs they’ve released and since the vocals are controlled more for this sparkly mid-tempo tune.  There’s not much to say since there is also no solo parts in this one which is a nice change I guess.

3. Girl’s Party -my friend Jenny-

I wasn’t sure what we were going to get with Girl’s Party but it turns out to be this kind of throwback the old pop days and I think it’s a sweet move to do since it shows a little more flash for the girls.  To me it feels just like an upbeat version of the previous song, but I must say this song was peppy and cute rolled up in a ball.  I must say, this was nice as well….once again no solos XD



I didn’t have a lot of faith for SUPER☆GiRLS for the longest time since their releases have been less than stellar.  Luckily, I can happily admit that Joshiryoku←Paradise is their best single yet.  The leading track had a lot of interesting things going from the peppy feel to the solos which minus one or two members sounded great!  Girl’s Party also fit in the same category minus the solos so it’s also just great.  WAKE UP! is a different kind of tune being a bit more tame and slower which does a good thing since it shows how great the girls can be.  I wonder how much longer before their second album…?


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