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Maria – MERCI VOX October 9, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Deep into You
  2. Cherry
  3. Ai wo Choudai
  4. Weed Flower
  5. That LOVE
  6. Good bye Good day
  7. Never End
  8. Daily Life with you
  9. love again? feat. Dohzi-T
  10. Yuuhi
  11. Good bye Good day remix (CD only)
  12. Deep into You remix (CD only)
  13. That LOVE remix (CD only)
  14. That LOVE acoustic session (CD+DVD only)

1. Deep into You

Kicking the album off is Maria’s second A-side and it’s a nice opening track to start it with.  To me, of the singles, this tune sounds like something she was evolving from her last era. “WILL” and that might not be sounding good since I did feel a little bored with that album, but this song really showed me that she can take the light guitar pop/rock and make it interesting as in the case of Deep into You.  That being said it’s my favorite of the three A-sides to be honest.

2. Cherry

A little more acoustic and a little more synth-based, Cherry was something I wasn’t expecting from Maria but funn enough I found this tune to be quite refreshing since it mixes her stable sound with something that it more experimental and it worked since it was more acoustic-guitar than the synths.  It’s a fun and bright song and I think I’m fallin’ head over heels for it….even the guitar solo was pretty cute ^_^

3. Ai wo Choudai

Then I start to weird out with Ai wo Choudai since it’s electro/rock and a bit more sly and darker than I thought it’d be but it’s alright since it’s got a catchy sound and to me Maria sounds a bit deeper in tone which works for me since it gives a mysterious vibe to go along with the synth melody.  It’s a style that I would have also never thought would happen with her but she pulled that off quite nicely!

4. Weed Flower

After having three exciting songs previous, Weed Flower kind of just puts a stop to it in an instant.  Meaning is is that the song is a typical piano/strings ballad which I’m not totally against and doesn’t stay that way since it grows in the chorus into a rather beautiful sounding chorus.  I think it’s a really nice song and makes up for the forgetful ones back on her debut.

5. That LOVE

Her 3rd A-side comes next and while I still enjoy “Deep into You” a bit more, this was also another good song since it has an interesting melody for me plus I like Maria’s airy vocals in this one.  The thing I have a problem is with the fact that she doesn’t give the song much personality to go by and lets the melody try and that’s not really a good game plan. 

6. Good bye Good day

A little strange that the next song deviates from previous songs by being her R&B track.  Given she’s being a bit more open with her styles on this album and that’s a good sign so this tune stands out for being that way.  However, just like “That LOVE”, it kind of feels emotionless and just sung like all of the other songs but to me…the lyrical content reminds me of Kana Nishino’s “Best Friend” but that’s just me. 

7. Never End

Back to the new tracks, Never End to me sounds really nice and basic but done well enough to make an impression.  I still think that it carries this “WILL” feel also but since there isn’t that many of those kind of songs I’m kind of happy with this one…otherwise if it was on her debut album, i probably would’ve forgot what it sounds like.  That being said it’s my least favorite amongst the new songs.

8. Daily Life with You

I’m kind of disappointed she put on B-sides on this album, but it helped she put this one from “That LOVE” on here since it was my favorite of the three B-sides.  It’s light and sparkly but having a slight touch of R&B thrown in to make it pop out more and that it did.  I like the little synth touches as well and Maria sounds damn pretty in this song.  Definitely a memorable tune!

9. love again? feat. Dohzi-T

The last new song off the album is a collaboration with well-known MC, Dohzi-T.  Sadly, love again? seriously sounds like the last song almost to a T but I think Maria has even more soothing vocals to give out and then Dohzi-T kind of just ruins the song’s mood.  I’m sorry MC’s should never been allowed on slow songs.  This was a poor track…OK…this was worse than “Never End”…

10. Yuuhi

Jeeze she just fell apart at the end of the album, love again? was a poor idea and then she stuck the B-side from “Deep into You” on here and made even more harder to sit through.  This might be the final non-edited track on the album but she could’ve done better because like I said in the single review it’s a bit too much like “Wasuretakunakute”.  Acoustic guitars and slow songs have been her calling in the last album but she just stretched it a bit too far here.  I would’ve rather have had “AGAIN” on here instead!

14. That LOVE acoustic session

Closing out the CD+DVD version of the album we get an acoustic take of That LOVE which doesn’t surprise me but it sounds really impressive since it is Maria tackling the acoustic guitar.  I liked this version since she’s got talent on the guitar and she sounds pretty here.

Tracks Recommended

  • Cherry
  • Deep into You
  • Daily Life with You
  • Ai wo Choudai
  • Weed Flower

Song of Avoidance

  • love again? feat. Dohzi-T

Funny, I actually was quite impressed by Maria’s sophomore effort this time around.  Though the way the album went did turn out to be disappointing at the end while the first 5-6 songs on the album impressed me the most.  If she continues I’d say she’s got something to bring since her more open field of styles could do her good in the future…*WILL REVIEW THE REMIXES ONCE THEY LEAK*


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