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Morning Musume, teh members!: Generation 7 & 8, Kirari Granny Pandas! October 19, 2011

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It’s really strange at how the 7th Generation came about.  I mean we’re coming off the fact that Kaori, Marippe, and Rika-chan all left/graduated practically less than a couple months of each other.  The first actual audition lend off with no winners which was a shock to many and prolly for the Momosu girls since they were recovering from Mari’s sudden departure.  Tsunku then tried it again looking for a new miracle girl (ala Gocchin) and ended up with Koharu Kusumi which to some was what H!P needed and that was youth again…and to some it was a major fail compared to Maki.  A while later and after Konkon and Mako graduated out they had another audition and it turned up a couple of noticeable names mostly Aika who ended up being (primarily at the time the only girl of her generation).  Strange enough, Tsunku then after two singles and an album added two more girls Linlin (who was a Hello! Pro Egg) and Junjun to the flagship after the fact that Yossy and Mikitty both left.  However, they were credited as Chinese members and they didn’t exactly bode well to the fans at first but gained a following to their end.  Sad to see that these two generations ended with Aika graduating along with Risa….

Koharu Kusumi

  • Tenure: Iroppoi Jirettai ————–>Kimagure Princess (15 Singles + 5 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Rainbow Pink (album song from “Rainbow 7”) and Takara no Hako (album song from “SEXY 8 BEAT”)
  • Solo Career?: Yep and she did better as a soloist more than a member in Momosu
  • Sub-Groups: Kira☆Pika, MilkyWay, ZYX-α, Ex-Ceed! and did Tanjou 10nen Kinentai and Dream Morning Musume
  • Overall opinion: Koha definitely brought the cute to the group, not gonna lie…but she failed as the “miracle girl”.

Like I written up at the top, Tsunku was looking for a new ace to bring life back into a Momosu where 3 of their core members left to pursue other things in life.  I’m not sure why he chose Koharu in this case especially if he casted up that Reina was the “perfect idol girl”.  Thing is though Koharu was casted in Kirarin☆Revolution as the main character and of course being the voice she got tied into doing songs for the series and surprisingly she got wicked popular.  However, that same popularity did not happen on the flipside when she was in Momosu’s territory.  She wasn’t too important as a member but she had her first lines of words in the intro to Iroppoi Jirettai which was her debut.  Later on she took more important roles in songs like Aruiteru, Onna ni Sachi Are, and Mikan but otherwise, she was in the back with lyrics to her own on an equal pace with the other back members.  It is a little strange that she graduated quite quickly to get into fashion, but nowadays she’s the youngest of the DMM ladies.  Also, yeah she did fail as the miracle girl, but damn she did great as a soloist and when she was leader of the two Kirarin-based groups.

Aika Mitsui


  • Tenure: Egao YES Nude ———–> Ren’ai Hunter (18 singles, 5 albums + Pyokopyoko Ultra & Ren’ai Hunter on 13 Colorful Character)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito (album song from “Platinum 9 DISC”)
  • Solo Career?: None at all…maybe covers but nothing original
  • Sub-Groups: Athena & Robikerottsu, Guardians 4, and Tanpopo# while also participating in Mobekimasu
  • Overall opinion: Aika is definitely an underdog kind of gal, but I hope something awesome happens with her too!

I find that the timing of the 8th Generation was very strange indeed and even weirder that Aika actually won the auditions on her own (over Yuu Kikkawa no less).  I am a little freaked out that her debut single was Egao YES Nude simply because I felt that she was a little too young for that kind of sexuality-based kind of song.  It’s nice they did a little more with her during the years though I must say she stood out more in the early singles she was in than in the later ones like Onna ni Sachi Are amd Mikan. In recent days she’s been better known in her sub-groups and since they’ve become inactive she’s came back to somewhat in the middle like Risa and Sayu.  Then in 2011, she injured her leg and since then has been MIA for a lot of Momosu and overall H!P stuff, but she’s still singing and I liked her lines in Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! for sure.  Hopefully she’ll be back on her feet dancing and being able to promote more ^_^…Sadly we won’t get to see that day because of her injury and worries of it happening again, she decided to graduate from MM.  Hopefully whatever is in her future will be great for her!



  • Tenure: Onna ni Sachi Are ————-> Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (11 Singles + 3 Albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (Chinese Ver.) (album song from “10 MY ME”)
  • Solo Career?: None lol
  • Sub-Groups: Zoku v-u-den and Ex-Ceed!
  • Overall opinion: I wish she wasn’t such an unknown to me lol.

After Aika debuted two singles previous Tsunku surprised people by adding two Chinese members!  Unfortunately they were the definition of back members since they really had zero time to show off their skills in their tenures.  Junjun to me never stood out unlike Linlin strangely enough.  I mean her vocals were alright but they were never stand-out-ish nor her personality stood out.  She’s to me like I was to Asuka…way too foggy of a member for me to remember and sometimes I forget she’s there.


  • Tenure: Onna ni Sachi Are ————-> Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (11 Singles + 3 Albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: for you… (album song from “Champloo 1”
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-Groups: Shin Minimoni and Ex-Ceed!
  • Overall opinion: She is one the few Momosu members who had such a unique voice

Unlike poor Junjun who really didn’t take off for me, Linlin actually did the job for me.  She was clearly the geek of the 8th Gen, but she was so lovable for it that I kind of fell for her when she was performing.  About that, prior to joining Momosu she was actually a Hello! Pro Egg and it’s great to see her move up into the main group (like later entrees, Mizuki and Haruka).  As so it sucks that Tsunku had many opportunities to let her sing and she was a great singer better than most of the members at the time!  I hope she continues with music because she’s got potential!!!



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