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Tommy heavenly6 – monochrome rainbow October 25, 2011

Filed under: Tommy heavenly6 — solarblade @ 4:33 am

Track Listing

  1. monochrome rainbow
  3. monochrome rainbow (Instrumental)
  4. I’M YOUR DEVIL -HALLOWEEN REMIX- (Instrumental)

1. monochrome rainbow

Wow has it been that long since Tomoko released anything?  Then again I’m a little saddened to see that heavenly got brought back (especially the last thing she released under the persona was the crappy “I KILL MY HEART” album).  monochrome rainbow does kind of harken back to her debut era in which the songs had a lot of rock but at the same time sounds hopeful and not dark-laced.  I liked it since it’s a lot better than previous songs but to me in the long run, it doesn’t have the longevity like “PAPERMOON”, “Heavy Starry Chain”, or even “Wait till I can dream”.


If this track doesn’t seem familiar it isn’t really much of a surprise then.  I’M YOUR DEVIL was Tomoko’s first digital single after switching from DefSTAR to Warner Japan.  Of course it’s changed since its movement to a physical single and it’s great that she made it of course 10:31 to accomodate to the fact that this single was released before Halloween.  Doesn’t this remind you of “Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl”?  Anyway there’s a long intro where there’s talking from Tomoko in Engrish of course.  I have to say that it’s just awesome to hear this from her of course it gets creepy and dark which is different from her last Halloween song being more fun and lively.  Once the actual tune starts it gets rockin’ and definitely cooler by the listen.  I must say the main track is just epic and while it’s not as gritty and haunting like “Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl”, this is a great follow-up!



YES!, Tomoko is back in her prime with monochrome rainbow.  I’d say the label changed is doing good for her so far (counting “BLACKOUT” from the brilliant green as well).  The lead-in track definitely put the spark back into her music which was horribly lacking in “I KILL MY HEART”.  I mean it’s nothing that would be considered special, but she is back and I love that.  The new version of I’M YOUR DEVIL though ranks up there amongst the best Th6 tunes for being another awesome contribution to the holiday of Halloween.  Now if only she reawakens Tf6, then we’ll be good ^_^


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