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Beckii Cruel vs. The Clones – U Can’t Kiss Me October 26, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. U Can’t Kiss Me
  2. U Can’t Kiss Me (Bluestone Mix)
  3. U Can’t Kiss Me (Loverush UK! Mix)
  4. U Can’t Kiss Me (Super Stylers Mix)
  5. U Can’t Kiss Me (Timothy Allan Mix)
  6. U Can’t Kiss Me (Super Stylers Radio Edit)
  7. U Can’t Kiss Me (Loverush UK! Radio Edit)
  8. U Can’t Kiss Me (Bluestone Radio Edit)

1. U Can’t Kiss Me

Call me sacriligious and call me out on my lack of claritiy, but I have to say Beckii’s first song after blazing out from her previous label (which to an agreement from me that it was getting ridiculous adding random girls to the Cruel Angels project).  She left and came back but only to the UK market seems with U Can’t Kiss Me which I think is an original tune but edited from what we heard from her YouTube long ago.  To me, I think the change from cutesy stuff to a more electro dance-pop field did good since I actually enjoyed the beats to the song.  However, I will say that The Clones did overdo their appearance in the song and the chorus is pretty saddening.  I still love the verses, not gonna lie…but the rest of the song is meh.  Still much better than “Tsubasa wo Kudasai” could ever be!



*I might review the remixes*, Beckii’s return to the music scene is kind of a big change from what she started out doing and that’s Moe-cutesy pop songs/covers which were OK at best but nothing that would puncture the J-pop fields.  U Can’t Kiss Me is the first release under her new management which is cool, but I don’t know…collaborating with The Clones (who I have never heard of) is a bit sketchy.  The song is likeable though and that’s good…now I wonder how the remixes actually treat this tune…. >.>


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