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sphere – HIGH POWERED October 26, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. Hello, my love
  3. HIGH POWERED (Off Vocal)
  4. Hello, my love (Off Vocal)


For something titled HIGH POWERED, this was anything but hardcore and energetic as I initially thought.  It is less rockish than their previous A-side and a bit more cuter which is a bit like some of the songs in their last era and that’s quite good.  There’s not a lot of solos in the song which surprised me, but all of the members (including Aki) sound really nice.  I think it might be my favorite A-side so far in this era!

2. Hello, my love

Hello, my love continues to carry the cuteness along with the B-side but marks as a lighter tune with acoustic guitar leading things along.  It’s interesting to see that there’s solo lines in this one and interesting they chose Aki to start things off.  All four do get their solo lines and they all passed and it all sounds just right!  I actually think this would’ve fit their debut album hahaha.



As HIGH POWERED is the group’s third single in the era, it’s probably my favorite so far but both songs aren’t as good as “Feathering me, Y/N?”.  Both songs on this single were more on the cute side but that’s good.  HIGH POWERED is fun and sugary but since there’s a lack of solo lines, it’s a great group melody song.  Hello, my love was softer but still cute and this time the solos were here and they sound great as well.  Another single perhaps?


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