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2PM – Ultra Lover November 2, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Ultra Lover
  2. I’ll be back -Japanese ver.-
  3. Ultra Lover (without main vocal)
  4. I’ll be back -Japanese ver.- (without main vocal)

1. Ultra Lover

I think the 6-nin group are trying to score again upon how popular “Take off” was with Ultra Lover since it’s more electronic and danceable than “I’m your man”.  I have to say the speed of the song and the floaty sound returned nicely and it kind of moves just like their first single if not a little more harder.  It’s pretty catchy, not as much as their debut in Japan, but this is much better than their last single at least…GOOD JOB GUYS!

2. I’ll be back -Japanese ver.-

The B-side is of course a Japanese translation of one of the songs from their first Korean mini, “STILL 2:00PM”.  Of course being one of their oldest songs in their Korean stuff, I’ll be back sounds really plain and kind of boring when compared to “Ultra Lover” right from the start.  The guys’ Japanese is pretty strong and they sound pretty damn good, but seriously the song sounds lame and too plain for me.



Since this is the group’s 3rd and final single for the “REPUBLIC OF 2PM” era, Ultra Lover did make up for the blandness that “I’m your man” contained so on that note, that did impress me that Ultra Lover was better even though I still love “Take off” far more.  However, I don’t know why they had to choose such a weak song in I’ll be back to make into a Japanese revision…it just didn’t work and the music was to blame IMO.  I can’t wait for the album though now!


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