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Aural Vampire – Kerguelen Vortex November 23, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Kerguelen Vortex
  2. Kuuchuusen wa Phenomenon
  5. Makki no BODY CHECKMATE
  6. Raging City
  7. GENOM

1. Kerguelen Vortex

I love the first song from the duo!!  Kerguelen Vortex might be a little more upbeat and brighter than previous works, but this sounds really cool and energetic thanks to RAVEMAN’s arranging skills.  Add in EXO-CHIKA’s vocals and you get this great mix of synths and dark that just sounds great together.  It’s a great title track and perfect for what I like in electro music.

2. Kuuchuusen wa Phenomenon

The next song was something I wasn’t really prepared for actually.  Kuuchuusen wa Phenomenon started off like it was produced more for School Food Punishment with the way the drumming and piano chords were going.  At least after that bit, the song adds more synths and EXO-CHIKA started to sing like her normal self.  It reminds me of “Flare Stack”, but less epic.  It’s an alright song and it’s different from the norm.


I’m happy we get back into what Aural Vampire is best known for and it’s their darker-tinged songs.  HUMAN NOISE has a great beat and arrangement here and was the first song that caught my eyes fully.  It’s really edgy and while the music seems to overtake EXO-CHIKA, she does a good job whenever I hear her better.  Yeah, this is a pretty epic song!


OMG HELL YEAH!  We get a new version of THE REPOMAN (an album song from their first album, “Vampire Ecstasy”.  I still think it’s one of the duo’s best songs ever and to see it redone was quite the treat (at least for me to hear a new take on the classic).  It’s great they kept the same flow and style of the original for the most part (but added more to it).  It sounds harder and with EXO-CHIKA resinging the song so it sounds stronger as well.  Yeah, this was impressive as hell and I’m loving this new take just as much as the original!


I knew they weren’t gonna forget the fans that enjoy their personas of the dark and dreary and Makki no BODY CHECKMATE fits the category quite nicely.  It’s an oddball track for me since I’m not used the that springy synth beat that’s found throughout the song.  It’s interesting and EXO-CHIKA’s more sexier sound really puts the song up there, but I could’ve lived without out that strange bouncy-sounding synth tbh.

6. Raging City

Hm…?  That’s creepy that Raging City begins which a crash and then a creepy as all hell laugh comes in XD.   I don’t remember the exact last time we had a solo from RAVEMAN but looky! we have one right here.  It’s a funky 4 minute solo with a whole bunch of synths that kind of remind me of a video game.  Since there’s no EXO-CHIKA on this track, it does feel slightly empty without a singer but for an instrumental, this was interesting at the least. 


The final song on the mini-album, GENOM kind of goes back to what “Kerguelen Vortex” with it’s bright electro sounding arrangement and I’m not bothered by it since it’s actually quite catchy to me even if there isn’t any backup vocals here (though I’m sure it’d help EXO-CHIKA in the chorus).  The middle interlude of the song was really awesome but that’s what really stood out to me…Not as strong as “HUMAN NOISE” but it’s solid.



Wow!  I didn’t even know Aural Vampire was returning with a mini-album in Kerguelen Vortex.  I actually think after “ZOLTANK”, they really wanted to make this an experience and they did just that.  All the songs were pretty awesome (including that instrumental, Raging City).  They got a lot of promise if avex continues to back them up for sure!  *RECOMMENDED*


3 Responses to “Aural Vampire – Kerguelen Vortex”

  1. Selryam Says:


    I was just waiting for you to compare track 2 to SFP though. I knew that’d come up as soon as I heard it.

  2. Winnie Says:

    Wow, this mini-album was totally unexpected, I had no idea they had been working on this.
    Anyway, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. It’s a great step up for them after Zoltank.
    I also didn’t notice how much track 2 was reminiscent of SFP lol. Good observation 🙂

  3. everyvillainisLEMONS Says:

    Haha didn’t see this one coming! But it’s soooo awesome!! And I agree with the SFP reference on track 2, completely XD

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