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You Kikkawa – Konna Watashi de Yokattara December 31, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Konna Watashi de Yokattara
  2. Early Snow
  3. Konna Watashi de Yokattara (REMIX) (Regular Edition only)
  4. Konna Watashi de Yokattara (Instrumental)
  5. Early Snow (Instrumental)

1. Konna Watashi de Yokattara

I kind of like the direction she took with Konna Watashi de Yokattara actually since the song feels different and not so much an idol song unlike the previous two A-sides she’s had.  I’m also loving the electro beat she’s pulling off in the chorus since it gives a song a different color and such.  I might have said that “Hapirapi ~Sunrise~” was good but this blows it out of the water. 

2. Early Snow

Of course we’re going to get a winter ballad from Yuu since it’s that time of the season.  Her vocals are rather sweet and soft to listen to and it justs flows smoohly along the arrangement which the typical fare of strings, piano, acoustic guitar, and jingle bells.  To people this might come off as a little bland and disappointing considering the last single had good ballads.  Just a little underwhelming but at least she sounds good for ballads.

3. Konna Watashi de Yokattara (REMIX)

As with each single she’s released we get a remix of the A-side.  Considering it feels like it’s a club mix since it has a long intro before the actual song kicks in.  I will say I’m surprised that used ~dance~ so much in this remix…but when Yuu is actually singing, the remix is great making it more electro and heavy.  I just wish there was a little more to it and didn’t rely on the damn repetition!



I’m surprised this single was pretty simple where there wasn’t a bunch of different editions!  Konna Watashi de Yokattara is her best A-side and shows a lot of hope for our ex H!P Egg.  I think she could do more danceable songs since I think it suits her (but at least let her sound like a singer and less of an idol).  Early Snow is B-side throwaway simply because it’s just plain and white.  The remix could’ve been handled a lot better but the actual song was SOOO good luckily.


Momoiro Clover Z – Shiroi Kaze

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Track Listing

  1. Shiroi Kaze
  2. We are UFI!!!
  3. Santa-san -DJ Taku’s Christmas A-men Breaks-
  4. Santa-san -Bloody Christmas Version-
  5. Shiroi Kaze (off vocal ver.)
  6. We are UFI!!! (off vocal ver.)

1. Shiroi Kaze

I didn’t expect for MomocloZ do pop a ballad to close out 2011 to be honest.  Since it’s the signature winter ballad, it was interesting to hear a twist on it.  In this case, it’s the rather dramatic Ayu-like sound in the arrangement (but with squeakier vocals).  It’s definitely not like “Kimi Yuki” that’s for sure and I kind of enjoyed this song a lot more than anything else they’ve released this year (with the exception of “D’ no Junjou”). 

2. We are UFI!!!

Now it seems that our next song has a little history behind it since it was used in a drama when the group was a 6-nin group.  I’m not sure if this song was re-recorded without Akari or not but it’s a total 180 from the more serious “Shiroi Kaze”.  I can see this being released back in the “Battle and Romance” era since it’s more cuter and very in your face with its genkiness.  At least at first…then it kind of gets into the electro beat and the members start having conversations with one another…it’s kind of just takes away from the song and is a little unusual to have but the rest of the song is back to the cute side.  It’s a little better than some of their previous B-sides, I will admit.

3. Santa-san -DJ Taku’s Christmas A-men Breaks-

It’s so random to see Taku from m-flo give out a remix to MomocloZ since it’s very unlike him to do such a thing.  At least it seems that he’s off his dubstep experimentation because the remix for Santa-san is pure electro with the members under a lot of auto-tune.  It doesn’t take away the annoying repetition of the girls saying ~santa~ over and over again!  I will say this remix made the song a jump better than the original.

4. Santa-san -Bloody Christmas Version-

Then MomocloZ gets all BABYMETAL on us and releases a heavy metal version of Santa-san which is extremely out of left field and even more freakier when you add the members’ voices to the song to the gritty and dirty guitars and pounding drums.  Mixing an already repetitive song to the mix just didn’t work like it did for Taku and I find myself getting a headache listening to this.



Sneaking in one final single for 2011, Shiroi Kaze was an odd single at the least.  I will say the A-side is great and probably going to be my favorite song of the current era with how it sounds.  We are UFI!!! would’ve been better if it didn’t have the middle monologue that seemed way out of place here.  As for the remixes for Santa-san, Taku’s remix is MUCH MORE preferred than that heavy metal mess.  This is probably their best limited released single of the three so far (“Momokuri” and “Akarin e Okuru Uta”).


Best Of 2011: The first time for K-pop (well and one C-pop) & American DON’T HATE!!! December 30, 2011

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So for the first time I’m going to implement a rather short top 10 of just K-pop songs (and one C-pop tune).  But it’ll just be that since I rather have limited views on this since I’m starting to fully implement this lol so bear with me on this rather shallow list hahaha!  I also want to show the 10 American songs that I’ve fallen for this year as well ^_^

The 5 that didn’t make the cut!

So the five that missed the list might not be top 10 but they are all still pretty damn good.  KARA’s RIDER was pretty different from what we got and that’s an aggressive little number.  Same can be said about 4minute’s Geoura Geoura but it’s more of a dance number but that’s pretty cool as well.  I guess no one really expected me to listen to BEAST but their song, FICTION was pretty damn good though not good enough but it’s rare for me to fully love a boyband song haha.  Now the reason that 2NE1’s Neaga Jeil Jal Naga is so low on the list is because I don’t find the Korean version as enticing or interesting as the Japanese version, but I definitely know there’s people that think the opposite about that.  It was hard not to put this on the top 10 but BEG’s Cleansing Cream was definitely the ballad of the year, it helped also that they had a pretty hard-hitting PV…such a sad story of jealousy, but it’s a pretty song though they do butcher saying the song’s title XD…

So here’s the top 10!!!!

10. T-ara – Cry Cry (Black Eyes)

Starting the list off is Cry Cry by T-ara.  I’m not sure why I fell for it but there’s something emotional underneath the acoustic/latin flare of the song which is a nice change.  Even when the beats jump in, the song keeps at it and just sounds great all around.  I almost chose the ballad version over the original but this stood out a little more for me.

9. Kahi – Come Back, You Bad Person (Dorowa Nappeun Neo)

One of the ladies from AFTERSCHOOL decided to release a solo mini and with Dorowa Nappeun Neo, she surprised me with the promotional track which combines a beautiful piano melody with a pretty gritty synth lol.  I don’t know why but Kahi sounds great with this song and that’s why it stuck out for me and took the #9 spot.

8. U-KISS – NEVERLAND (Neverland)

I guess have the two members leave and regain two new ones gave them a fresh outlook on their career and they’ve been having an amazing year of songs not gonna lie.  NEVERLAND is pretty strong and has a lot of nice hooks and punches.  Though there’s a lot of aut0-tune, the rest of the song manages to be awesome even after lol.

7. Tohoshinki – Wae (Keep Your Head Down) (Keep Your Head Down)

I can’t believe I forgot Wae was released in the first two weeks of January!  Good thing because for being the duo’s first song since the split between HoMin and JYJ, this was a good start though to me the song is a bit of a brash punch at JYJ.  At least I can openly say that Korean >>>>Japanese version.  Either way, the song is just hardcore and pretty epic and showed the fans that they can barrel on as a duo!

6. 4minute – You know (Heart to Heart)

We all know 4minute is known for their club-bangers and heavy tunes so when it came to You know, it was a surprise for me because they took this song into more of a normal dance track but keeping the K-pop tones alive.  It’s poppy but a good kind at that and there was quite a bit of synths and the amound of english lines really helped out.  It’s my favorite thing they’ve released in 2011.

5. Elva Hsiao – I’m Ready (I’m Ready)

As the only C-pop song on the list it really shows that I don’t listen to much of that to begin with (the only other ones would be Da Mouth and dance flow).  Even though it’s the simplest sounding and basic song on this list, there’s just something really catchy about the song and her vocals really echo well in this club banger.  Just a pretty fun tune to listen to!

4. Girls’ Generation – TRICK (The Boys)

While I was mostly disappointed with SNSD’s album, there was a couple of tracks that stood out, the most being TRICK which was sadly not used to promote the album…(to be honest, it would’ve done so much better than “The Boys” ever would).  Then again this song has a lot epicness and the whole card/circus theme of the song gave a great mindset to be honest. 


It was hard finding ground with KARA’s Japanese singles since only “GO GO Summer!” was the only real great track.  However back in their native homeland they came back and pretty strongly with the promotional song, STEP.  It’s got a lot of attitude and spunk to make it better than it’s predecessors.  It’s fun to dance to and has great vocals from them all!

2. 2NE1 – HATE YOU (2NE1 2nd Mini Album)

Funny enough I really enjoyed the Korean version of HATE YOU more than the Korean version of “Naega Jeil Jal Naga”.  It’s a venomous kind of hate song and I love it for it for sure.  Then again, it was kind of strange putting the song with the animated video it had.  Just a song that I needed earlier in the year before our number one was released!

1. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense (Sixth Sense)

If there was a song that was badass from the beginning to the end, it had to be BEG’s Sixth Sense.  I mean from the march-like beat, the powerful vocals from all three singers and the rapping from Miryo and no auto-tune…you get this song pretty quickly.  It’s sexy, angry, and just malicious as a package but it’s what made it so damn perfect this year!  LOVING THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!

The 5 American songs that almost made it!

So for the five that just missed the cut it was pretty difficult to place these five to be honest.  Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé was pretty out of nowhere with this angsty womanly anthem of a song and it just kind of brought her something new to use.  2011 saw the rise of dubstep and Skrillex was definitely the most well-known of the style when it began to rise and it came to a head with First of the Year (Equinox) but for me it was the song’s context with the MV that caught my attention.  The again the song isn’t for everyone because it’s a dubstep instrumental for the most part and can send headaches for others.  It also seem that The Cataracs had a pretty good year as well and I must say Dev’s In the Dark might not have the longevity that “Bass Down Low” did, but it’s sassy and slick and having saxophone being the melodic point is great to see!  Plus, it’s just that catchy!  Brit’s Criminal might have been released in the later half of 2011 but this is actually a good song from her!  Plus, it’s fun to hear Britney sing about falling for the bad guy…interesting song topic eh?  Judas is pretty much the top of this list of the five songs because it’s got the whole “Bad Romance” formula downpat.  Even though she might’ve not had her year this year, she’s still releasing great stuff (if not a little too preachy at times).

And now the big 10!

10. 30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane (This Is War)

Starting with number 10, Hurricane was pretty sweet of a song from the band I must say!  After their previous album, I was getting used to them releasing story-laced albums and Hurricane was pretty much a peak for them.  I just love the epic chorus for this one and the video was pretty scandalous I must say…but how raw this song was was just jaw-dropping for me this year ^_^…BTW, don’t even try listening to Hurricane 2.0…..it sucks.

9. Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Body Talk)

It’s been a while since America really heard Robyn last (and that was when she was doing bubblegum pop).  She reentered the states ears with a new sound that she’s been under a lot in the 2000’s.  I do like how the song sounds like Robyn is giving a tip to a guy which is kind of an unusual viewpoint for a song but given the song’s electroic feel makes this is a catchy tune.

8. Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me (Femme Fatale)

I’m so happy she released a song like this because while her last two albums “Blackout” and “Circus” were great, we needed something with a little more oomph and the first single from Femme Fatale was a great choice.  Plus everyone love’s Brit’s club bangers and this is definitely one of those!  The only weird thing I can muster from it was the oddly placed dubstep bridge, but otherwise the final run through the chorus was AMAZING!!!!

7. David Guetta feat. Usher – Without You (Nothing But the Beat)

I never thought Usher would ever work with David Guetta of all people but seeing how ridiculously popular David is…it was inevitable.  Luckily the collaborative effort from the two is damn catchy and Usher’s voice really caught my attention but when the musical-fronted bridge happens…it’s just awesome house/dance music. 

6. Foster The People – Helena Beat (Torches)

While everyone is still whoring out “Pumped Up Kicks” like it’s wildfire, I’m definitely more for Helena Beat since it had a cooler MV and was a bit more fun to listen to altogether (since the previously mentioned track has dark lyrics).  So this is kind of a lil happier.  Love this song!

5. Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Born This Way)

I think everyone and their mom was awaiting Gaga’s new song ever since she sang that snippet at the VMAs.  Thank god this came out since we really needed a song with a message like Born This Way’s had.  Now, we’ve all heard the Madonna ties and plagerism accounts but c’mon it might sound similar but it’s got its own identity.  Still, this song is quite powerful and the arrangement is great too ^_^

4. LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It (Sorry for Party Rocking)

Once again, this is a case of they had a MUCH MORE popular song in the states, but this is catching up pretty quickly.  It has that same party vibe, it’s just that it calls for being sexy which it does very well.  I will say that I love the bridge in “Party Rock Anthem” a lil more than this, but this has swagger and just an epic buildup.  Then again that video….LULZY!!!

3. Breathe Carolina – Blackout (Hell Is What You Make It)

If there was a whole lot of dance tracks that really stood out this year, I’d say Blackout was the biggest surprise since I’ve never heard of Breathe Caroline prior to this.  Actually when I first heard this I kind of thought it was The Ready Set that did this since its up in their alley.  Epic tune here and a surprising favorite of mines.

2. Katy Perry – E.T. (Teenage Dream)

I think everyone didn’t expect Katy to pull off E.T. in the way she did.  I mean it’s so radically different than to anything else she’s done but it was kind of cool and edgy for her and I like that about Katy.  I mean lyrically is pretty wicked kind of mixing love and future-techy stuff which is pretty genius if you ask me.  Also, the version without Kanye is the MUCH MUCH preferred version since he makes the song odd and too dirty for me.

1. Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Pink Friday)

It’s funny because I’m not at all a big fan of rap in anyway, but this gal Nicki Minaj has basically made me a fan and while there’s other songs she’s totally rocked it in this year, Super Bass was at the top.  It mixed her awesome rap with this kind of dance/R&B mix that just kicked so much ass.  Plus the chorus and slower parts are just right.  No wonder, this is the best American song this year IMO.


Next time (which might be a lil while) is the best and worst A-sides of the year in Japan yo!!!!



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Track Listing

  3. ALL MY LOVE (minus G)
  4. ALL MY LOVE (minus J)
  5. ALL MY LOVE (minus G & J)
  6. YOU ARE THE REASON (minus G)
  7. YOU ARE THE REASON (minus J)
  8. YOU ARE THE REASON (minus G & J)


After hearing “THE END OF THE DAY”, I wasn’t expecting YFCz to make their second A-side a ballad which is kind of nice to hear the band at such a light pace in comparison.  Now in this song it seems it’s still be more of a GACKT fest than a Jon fest which is expected but I guess it would’ve been nice to hear more from the latter.  I’m trying to get into the song but there’s something that isn’t right for me.  It could be the fact that hearing a more raw sound coming from GACKT is bothersome and the mesh of the two vocalists aren’t as tight as before…maybe it’s also a little too dramatic for them.  I’m just not enjoying this one.


At least the other song on the single is an original and not a new version of an old GACKT song.  YOU ARE THE REASON is definite 180 from “ALL MY LOVE” because it’s more energetic but doesn’t have as much punch as “THE END OF THE DAY”.  It’s still a pretty aggressive song though and the band is sticking out more than the singers IMO.  It’s ok…



As the band’s second and last single before their debut album, I wasn’t too thrilled with this release as much as I was with “THE END OF THE DAY”.  I think showing a more emotional side is great and all, but it doesn’t really work for GACKT and Jon since it sounded odd and they weren’t very melodic in different places.  At least things were slightly better in YOU ARE THE REASON but still kind of disappointing.  I hope the album will have better tracks


girl next door – Agaruneku!

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Track Listing

  1. Dada Para!!
  2. No.1
  3. Summer Time
  4. Boogie-Woogie Night
  5. Kimi no Moto e
  6. Kimi no Tomodachi
  8. my own path
  9. Zutto
  10. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  11. Yume no Hana
  12. Your Story
  13. snowflakes

1. Dada Para!!

I love that the album starts off with gnd’s first single of the era and Dada Para!! is still one of the group’s best songs because like the title implies, it’s styled in a para-para kind of way and it really makes you want to do those crazy moves with the aggressive synth beat.  It helps that CHISA was pretty expressive in the song and clearly she was having fun with this one for sure.  I mean, it does kind of gets repetitive in the end, but for me I’m just enjoying the arrangement hardcore.  Best A-side of the era hands down!

2. No.1

The first new track, No.1 kind of follows in the footsteps of “Dada Para!!” but not as heavy or forceful.  I’m also noticing CHISA singing a little more stronger here which is good because I’m kind of enjoying this as a whole.  The upbeat flow and arrangement just worked though I can’t say that I enjoyed the fact that the way they ended the song worked…I mean using fade out was kind of odd.

3. Summer Time

Didn’t we just have “Summer Breeze” and now we’re on Summer Time?  This is pretty damn confusing haha.  To me, this song is a bit more cuter sounding than the previous two tracks and kind of reminds me of “Seeds of dream” which is an odd thing but this song continues to carry this overjoyous sound that is kind of sugary.  Actually the ~yeah yeah yeah~ parts are dejavu to “Infinity” as well…it’s just sounds like a collection of two songs from the “NEXT FUTURE” era.  Doesn’t help that CHISA is yelling this song out…yeah not liking this much.

4. Boogie-Woogie Night

Moving into the 3rd single released for the era, Boogie-Woogie Night finally has latched onto me since it’s kind of funky and full of a disco style.  I will say that CHISA isn’t using smooth vocals but her enthusiasm kind of worked in the song (especially in the chorus).  It gets better when I hear muted trumpet coming into the foreground as well.  I don’t think this song deserves as much flak as it has gotten but whatever it’s different and I like it!

5. Kimi no Moto e

Oh I heard Yuji’s guitars prominently opening our next new song!  Though it’s quickly replaced with a whole bunch of Daisuke’s synths and this is kind of brightly colored like “Summer Time”, but this sounds rather catchy and CHISA isn’t yelling the song off.  It does at points remind me of a certain Katamari song but this is still quite interesting and catchy. 

6. Kimi no Tomodachi

I’m on and off about gnd’s more mid-tempo tracks because they seem to drag most of the time like this song is a perfect example of that.  There’s just something that I just kind of despise about this track.  It’s no “Jounetsu no Daishou” so that can be ruled out.  I know gnd sounds dated, but this song is just caking it on and I’m not a fan of it period!


I’m all for ROCK YOUR BODY making the album cut, but why oh why did it have the be the 9 minute version?!?  I’m not so much a fan of the long version since it takes too long to get into the main bulk of the song.  As for that main bulk, it’s pretty 90’s europop and it’s edgy as well and I really like that about this song.  I will say the short version is much better to be honest.

8. my own path

The rest of the album here on out are purely new tracks and it starts off with a bang!  I didn’t expect to enjoy my own path as much as I do but it’s kind of cool and reminds me of their older stuff (mostly “Guuzen no Kakuritsu” which is totally a good thing).  CHISA’s vocals are a bit shouty but not enough to be a distraction like “Summer Time” did.  It’s not so bad actually!

9. Zutto

I’m not sure why there’s a lot of these happy-ish songs but Zutto is a little more breezy sounding than the others which is a good sign at least.  I must say of the new songs, this sounds A LOT like the stuff from their “GIRL NEXT DOOR” album.  To me it’s kind of interesting to hear a song like this on Agaruneku!…though thank god there’s two albums between the two.

10. Kiss Kiss Kiss

Can we get off using this title…it’s like the new “Ai no Uta” or something along those lines.  Now this song unlike the last one has a certain “Destination” kind of groove to it and I really enjoyed this one (and it’s a mid-tempo kind of song).  I’m also hearing a bit more of Yuji in this song as well and I love when he’s guitars a heard just as much as the synths.  Pretty cool track!

11. Yume no Hana

Yuji continues to show up in our next song with an acoustic guitar which is an interesting new twist for the group to use on this album.  I will say that this is surprisingly dated as well and kind of comes off like a less loud version of “Zutto”.  It’s alright, but I kind of zone out from this song towards the end.

12. Your Story

Now this is more of a song that I would enjoy from the trio and it works since it doesn’t sound off or dated.  I like the distant twinkling of the piano in the arrangement which gives it its pleasant sound.  The synths aren’t as prominent either which is great and lets CHISA sing a bit better (though she’s still kind of belting some parts).  Kind of unique in a way but I like it!

13. snowflakes

Ending the album with the album’s winter song (seems to be one on every album it seems), snowflakes really does have a wintry vibe with a little bit of jingle bells, acoustic guitars, and CHISA’s softer vocals (which is a surprise).  Does seem plain otherwise, but I don’t know it’s a good closing to the album.

Tracks Recommended

  • Dada Para!!
  • Your Story
  • my own path
  • Boogie-Woogie Night
  • Kimi no Moto e

Song of Avoidance

  • Summer Time

As this is girl next door’s 4th album (but 1st under their lower-cased name), Agaruneku! is definitely not very amazing as I hoped it would be from the singles.  Beyond the effortless title names, it really felt like the new songs were more nostalgic back to the first three albums from them.  There were a couple of good songs, but otherwise it felt rather *shrugs* lol.  More disappointing than “Destination” basically.


SDN48 – Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino December 27, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino
  2. Yaritagariya-san (Undergirls Team G)
  3. Gamjatang Bojou (Undergirls A) (Type A only)
  4. Kashasa de Jihaku Suru (Undergirls B) (Type B only)
  5. Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino (off vocal)
  6. Yaritagariya-san (off vocal)
  7. Gamjatang Bojou (off vocal)
  8. Kashasa de Jihaku Suru (off vocal)

1. Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban duet with Monta Mino

I can at least say I didn’t expect SDN48 to pull off a kayoukyoku kind of song with Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban more or less have it be a collaborative effort with Monta Mino (who I’m sure is a kayoukyoku singer).  I have to say for the most part I wasn’t feeling Monta’s vocals when he sang by himself but the girls of SDN48 really sound strong for this song and I love the different style they’ve produced with this one when compared to their previous singles.

2. Yaritagariya-san

However, if you like their previous singles, you might find your kicks with this song since it actually carries itself similarly to “GAGAGA” which is pretty cool actually since I do like their K-pop inspired songs.  While there isn’t solos to be found here, I’m still enjoying it vocally for the most part.  I mean it’s catchy but the hook of the whole ~ayee-ayeee-aye~ gets jarring after hearing it over and over.

3. Gamjatang Bojou

For the edition-only songs the first one in Gamjatang Bojou kind of lets Undergirls A have their taste of the kayoukyoku style.  I love the amount of brass used in the song and it seems that I’m finding myself loving the vocals out of this selected group a whole lot!  Pretty cool song from them to be honest ^_^

4. Kashasa de Jihaku Suru

I kind of think that while Kashasa de Jihaku Suru also kind of takes that route of kayoukyoku, this is is leaning more towads a latin sound like one of their earlier B-sides “Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no Bell de Hiraku” but a little more laidback.  Actually, I really liked the vocals here more than in “Gamjatang Bojou”…much smoother actually.



As it is more than likely SDN48’s final single, the let this single be their best one.  While I do think the collaboration song is the weakest of the 4, it’s still a good song to listen to once in a while.  After that, Gamjatang Bojou turned out pretty well too since this and Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban had a similar style.  However it was Kashasa de Jihaku Suru and Yaritagariya-san that stole the show one for the great vocals and one for the great arrangement.  Now I don’t know if there’ll release one more single before they disband in April…but I’m hoping for at least one album instead…who knows…


WEAVER – Egao no Aizu

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Track Listing

  1. Egao no Aizu
  2. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte
  3. Nakitai Kurai Shiawase ni Nareru yo
  4. Egao no Aizu Yuji Sugimoto (Piano Instrumental Ver.)
  5. Egao no Aizu (Instrumental Ver.)

1. Egao no Aizu

Coming off from “Jubilation” with a tired feeling from it, Egao no Aizu is kind of a refreshing kind of song since it’s positive and has a nice bright feeling that comes from Yuji’s vocals and piano feel mixed with the brass lines that are found within.  I don’t know why though but whenever Yuji’s singing, it sounds tired and weak for some reason or another.  This is kind of random like NICO’s “Te wo Tatake” but not as hook-worthy.

2. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte

The first B-side though is a little more of what I was expecting to hear from WEAVER and it’s actually kind of nice despite being 6 minutes long hahah.  It’s relaxing of a song to be honest and it fits the piano melody even more than the rest of the things that are going on!  It is weird that it kind of ends suddenly and goes into this instrumental part that goes to the end.  It’s easily the best of the three songs though.

3. Nakitai Kurai Shiawase ni Nareru yo

The second B-side is a bit more slower and piano-based (moreso than “66 Banme”.  I will say that I enjoy hearing a lighter song from the band since it showcases Yuji a little better as a singer here.  It’s a bit basic to my ears and sounds like some of the songs from “Jubilation” but this is pretty sweet of a song.



I’m surprised this is only WEAVER’s second single released (they’re more known for digital releases and mini-albums.  Egao no Aizu is an alright single for the most part.  The only song that really stood out was 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte but that was because it was a little different than their normal.  Egao no Aizu follows it with it’s rather happy-go-lucky mood and the usage of a lot of brass.  As for Nakitai Kurai Shiawase ni Nareru yo, it’s a bit tame and just a little too reminescent of past songs for me.  All in all this single is going to take a while to get used to but it’s not terrible.