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Tohoshinki – Winter December 1, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Winter Rose
  2. Duet -winter ver.-
  3. Winter Rose -reversible ver.- (CD only)
  4. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
  5. Duet -winter ver.- -Less Vocal-
  6. Duet -winter ver.- -Member Chorus ver.- (CD only)

1. Winter Rose

Of course since it’s getting into winter, HoMin decided they needed to release a wintery ballad.  I will say that since this single is their first ballad single as a duo, I was worried about how it’d turn out seeing as I said before that CHANGMIN and YUNHO aren’t really the ballad singers of the now defunct 5-nin THSK.  I say they gave a good effort since they gave an alright performance and the spurts of English were a nice touch.  Not bad of a song to be honest…I just wonder if this’ll be on their next album…

2. Duet -winter ver.-

Remember Duet from the album, “TONE”?  Yeah it was that R&B song from the album!  Well on the single it’s changed to be more wintry of course and that meant it stripped the loud beats for a lighter one mixed with strings/jingle bells/piano.  I actually liked YUNHO’s deep vocals in the song and even CHANGMIN gave a great vocal performance in the chorus.  While it’s strange that I consider this over the original, it’s just that much better and less bland here.

3. Winter Rose -reversible ver.-

At first it got me curious to what the hell the reversible tag meant since I didn’t notice ANYTHING different about the song since the arrangement was the same slowish wintry goodness.  Digging deeper in the information the single had, this version of Winter Rose switches the role from the original man to woman into a woman to man message.  Nice switch, but it doesn’t really change my opinion of the song funny enough.  So the opinion of the song is basically the same!



*Will review the other song if it leaks*.  I’m not sure what this is considered between a single starting a new era or a recut since Duet is on the tracklist (although different).  Winter Rose is seriously catching on though as one of the few great ballads of the year even when it is a wintry ballad.  Duet also stuck out to me, actually even moreso than the original which is a good sign.  Now the reversible version of Winter Rose only changes a couple of lyrics around but all in all doesn’t change the song enough to warrant a decision on which track is better.  Great single!