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RAINBOW – A December 3, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. A
  2. Gossip Girl
  3. A (Instrumental)
  4. A (Original Version) (CD only)

1. A

I gotta say, A really seems to follow a certain other song that repeats the title more than enough….*cough cough* “Gee” *cough*.  I will say that the sound of the song is quite different from other K-pop novelties which is pretty.  It’s almost cute and has an underlying sense of seriousness.  The guitar is pretty unique too giving it a little 007 twang lol.  Not a whole lot of solos to be found but the ones that are there are good and light.  It’s good for a debut…but compared to the other groups debut songs…this is pretty weak.

2. Gossip Girl

Perhaps they should’ve debuted with Gossip Girl which has a more hipper sound and has quite a bit more spunk in it.  I will say that this is the first K-group that has weird English with the whole ~gosship girl~.  There’s a sound in the song that bugs me and it’s the high-pitched squeezing synth and it kind of hurts my ears…without that the song would’ve came off better.  I will say, the rappers did better than the singers *gasp*

3. A (Original Version)

Of course it’s not a Korean single without having the original version of the A-side as a bit of a bonus.  Since A was originally one of the two main tracks from “So Nyeo” minis.  Of course the same I said above can be said here but the language in this one sounds so much cleaner and more natural which is not unusual. 



I think of the K-pop groups that I’ve heard that debuted in Japan, I think RAINBOW needs to catch up majorly!  Not that they’re terrible or anything but A is a bit soft hitting and doesn’t have a lot of bang (even though I’m curious if they were trying to copy out “Gee” with the repeating title multiple times bit).  Let’s hope their next single is better!


ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!!: Hallyu Waves and lulz catching up XD

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I thought I’d catch up once again and add a couple of new acts to the site WHOOOOOO!

Genki Rockets

The first artist I added back in the past was Genki Rockets which is the project of SONY’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi.  Meaning that there’s a lot going on for this project as well.  Not a lot of releases though with two singles and two albums in which I reviewed one of the albums XD.  I might review the others but who knows!


U-KISS is the first K-pop group added from this list!  Though I won’t be reviewing their older Korean stuff, I’ll start from their first Japanese single, Tick Tack!

Dream Morning Musume

Of course I wasn’t planning on reviewing them since I only thought they were just going to do self-covers but seeing as they are releasing their first single in “Shining Butterfly”, it’s worth to review them now WHOOHOO!


I have always wanted OZMA on the site after hearing him in “I RAVE YOU” and “Spiderman” but opted out since he was so-called finished under the moniker and joined Tunnels for the whole YAZIMA Beauty Salon era.  Since he’s back I’m going to start with “Chin Kon Ka” his first single in almost 3 years.


So, I guess GACKT’s new project does deserve a mention as well.  Since he’s doing this simultaneously with his solo work, he’s definitely a busy guy.  YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz does feature a lot of well-known members and two singers GACKT and Jon.  I already reviewed “THE END OF THE DAY” and waiting for their next one.


RAINBOW is also another K-pop group riding along the Hallyu Wave by debuting in Japan.  I’ll start by reviewing their first single A. 

Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, SNSD, Shoujo Jidai…whatever you call them they’ll be reviewed on the site now since they are one of the more well-known K-pop groups out there…no thanx to friggin “Gee” XD.  I’ll be reviewing the first J-pop era and “The Boys included!!!!

Brown Eyed Girls

And finally the last group brought in is BEG which really surprised me with their Korean album, “Sixth Sense” (which I’ll review) and of course their Japanese single “SIGN” before “Distance comes out!