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RAINBOW – A December 3, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. A
  2. Gossip Girl
  3. A (Instrumental)
  4. A (Original Version) (CD only)

1. A

I gotta say, A really seems to follow a certain other song that repeats the title more than enough….*cough cough* “Gee” *cough*.  I will say that the sound of the song is quite different from other K-pop novelties which is pretty.  It’s almost cute and has an underlying sense of seriousness.  The guitar is pretty unique too giving it a little 007 twang lol.  Not a whole lot of solos to be found but the ones that are there are good and light.  It’s good for a debut…but compared to the other groups debut songs…this is pretty weak.

2. Gossip Girl

Perhaps they should’ve debuted with Gossip Girl which has a more hipper sound and has quite a bit more spunk in it.  I will say that this is the first K-group that has weird English with the whole ~gosship girl~.  There’s a sound in the song that bugs me and it’s the high-pitched squeezing synth and it kind of hurts my ears…without that the song would’ve came off better.  I will say, the rappers did better than the singers *gasp*

3. A (Original Version)

Of course it’s not a Korean single without having the original version of the A-side as a bit of a bonus.  Since A was originally one of the two main tracks from “So Nyeo” minis.  Of course the same I said above can be said here but the language in this one sounds so much cleaner and more natural which is not unusual. 



I think of the K-pop groups that I’ve heard that debuted in Japan, I think RAINBOW needs to catch up majorly!  Not that they’re terrible or anything but A is a bit soft hitting and doesn’t have a lot of bang (even though I’m curious if they were trying to copy out “Gee” with the repeating title multiple times bit).  Let’s hope their next single is better!


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