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Namie Amuro – Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!/Love Story December 4, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!
  2. Love Story
  3. Higher
  4. arigatou <thank the world for LOVE…gift song for 2011>
  5. Sit!Stay!Wait!Down! (Instrumental)
  6. Love Story (Instrumental)
  7. Higher (Instrumental)

1. Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!

When I saw the title announced for the single, I was a bit baffled by this first track since it sounded like dog orders.  Then the art cover came out and it really made me go >.>  SSWD follows in the line with what she’s been doing lately with her hip-pop sound and she sounds great like she usually does.  Add in the song has a good movement (which later on does get tiring) but I still just can’t get the fact that the song just is a bit absurd and very unlike her to pull a “doggie song”.  WTF song…

2. Love Story

Every single of the era so far has featured a ballad as an A-side as well.  Love Story isn’t as grand as “Tempest” but a little more like “Get Myself Back” but more simpler and a tad slower.  Once again, her vocals is the best asset about the song but the arrangement is just a little too simple.  After a while the boredom starts to kick in and I basically just daze off away from the song. 

3. Higher

It’s been a while since Namie had a straight up B-side but she decided to break that line with Higher which is seriously the single’s best song.  It’s also quite upbeat and it’s weird because it feels like a reversed “Dr.” for some reason.  I mean the beats are a little similar and then all the synths used just remind me of it so much.  Still, this is so much better than the previous two tracks LOL.

4. arigatou <thank the world for LOVE…gift song for 2011>

Kind of last minute to be putting another B-side on the single isn’t it?  Not sure what’s the whole deal with the tag but this is a much better representation of a ballad when compared to iono…”Love Story”? XD  They move at a similar pace, but the arrangement has a lot more going on that worked for Namie’s vocals.  Still…after “Tempest” ballads are quite meh for me…but this is pretty damn close!



One can only hope that this is the final single of the era because of the three released this was the worst in A-sides.  SSWD is just too weird and unusual for me to enjoy and is kind of weak when compared to all of the other upbeat A-sides.  Same for Love Story but on the ballads spectrum.  HOWEVER, I really do think it should’ve been Higher/arigatou since both those songs sounded great (on both spectrums no less) and they just continue a solid streak of songs…I want to forget the A-sides of this single though >.>


One Response to “Namie Amuro – Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!/Love Story”

  1. CJay Says:

    Yeah the arrangement for the first track is so good but seriously a WTF song! I remember seeing the cover and was very confused why there was a dog on it and I didnt even connect it to the title at all. Ah well I really do like “Higher” and the other two songs are good imo too.

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