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RAINBOW – Mach December 4, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Mach
  2. Not Your Girl
  3. Mach (Instrumental)
  4. Mach (Original Version) (CD only)

1. Mach

I’m already finding myself enjoying Mach a little more than “A” since it’s got a louder vibe and funny enough reminds me of a KARA tune.  Luckily, Mach has a bit more of a mature vibe to it and it works.  Even the brass in the song added kick.  I have to say that overall, this was a hit for me and such an upgrade after their debut.

2. Not Your Girl

The B-sides is a Japanese take of a song originally from their debut in Korea, “Gossip Girl”.  Like the B-side off their debut there’s something lacking a bit in the song as well and to be honest Not Your Girl is kind of too repetitive but the beat is quite solid and the girls sound interesting showing off a lot attitude.  Still it’s hampered by such an annoying hook…

3. Mach (Original Version)

Just like their last single it comes with the original Korean version of the A-side, this time Mach of course.  I can’t say much else really since the stuff I said above applies here as well except the fact that them singing in Korean once again trumps the Japanese version. 



It seems that RAINBOW flipped the idea for their second JPN single.  Mach was pretty good and really stands out when compared to “A”.  However, it falls flat when we get to Not Your Girl which was a disaster to listen to.  I’m sure the Korean version is just as saddening IMO.  Overall, I think this slightly did worse than “A”.  Bah humbug…this group needs to pick it up!


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