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Tomato n’ Pine – Nanairo☆Namida December 4, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Nanairo☆Namida
  2. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etcetera
  3. FAB (Free As a Bird)
  4. Tabidachi Transfer -Supersonic Hydro Guitar Remix-
  5. Nanairo☆Namida -Instrumental-
  6. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etcetera -Instrumental-
  7. FAB (Free As a Bird) -Instrumental-

1. Nanairo☆Namida

I was curious to how Nanairo☆Namida would sound since it is a trio ido group (like Buono!).  However, unlike said group Tomapai takes it more towards Perfume by having light dance and slight synthed vocals.  I kind of like this breezy sound coming from the group and it’s a little unfortunate that the song features no solos between them.  It’s got a nice spring to the beat and the girls together sound quite good (even if the vocoder is evident).

2. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etcetera

The second song on the single is actually a cover of PUFFY’s 4th A-side ever released.  That was so long ago but hearing Tomapai giving it an update was a nice choice for them to do.  I actually get some weird dejavu from this because the vocals kind of remind me of how cosmeticROBOT’s vocals sounded in their songs.  A lot of autotune present but it works with this sparkly pop tune.  I don’t think it’s as memorable as “Nanairo☆Namida” but it’s still quite good.

3. FAB (Free As a Bird)

FAB is prolly the nearest song to the style of electropop which is quite awesome for an idol group to dabble in.  I actually love the arrangement of the song since it sounds like some 80’s New Wave pop song which I love.  It might just be me but I hear more of the gals natural vocals through this one which might be good or bad depending.  The chorus though was a little disappointing but nothing failish!  It’s still my favorite from the single.

4. Tabidachi Transfer -Supersonic Hydro Guitar Remix-

The last major song on the single is a remix of Tabidachi Transfer (which was their major label debut A-side).  I’ve not heard the original but I’m sure it was as poppy as the tracks above.  The remix like it’s titled features a lot of guitar and more synths…kind of like electro-rock.  It’s kind of catchy and the rhythm really gets you pumped up.  However, in the context of the song’s melody and the girl’s singing…it’s an awkward mix.  I guess it does get better by the time when we hit the chorus which is a godsend.  Good remix overall



Since this is Tomapai’s second single of their first major era, I thought Nanairo☆Namida was a pretty nice single.  I can see why they’re getting popular and that’s because they aren’t as electro-like Perfume but they aren’t as super cute poppy like….well anything that’s idol-like.  Both the leading track and FAB were great songs while their cover song was ok but nothing special.  As for the remix, I was quite surprised at how well it turned out…Definitely going to pay attention to them in the future…but I was there was a download for their first single “Tabidachi Transfer”.


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