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Miliyah Kato – ROMAN December 14, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. ROMAN
  2. Baby tell me


I don’t know what it is about Miliyah but when she doesn’t release boring R&B songs, she can actually release good songs otherwise.  Oddly, ROMAN seems to land in the middle of everything.  I mean you can tell it’s a R&B tune but there’s something more elusive in this song which isn’t present in most of her songs.  It’s alright, but I’m kind of not enjoying Miliyah’s vocals in this song…it just doesn’t seem to work with the setting. 

2. Baby tell me

The B-side at least sounds a little different from her usual stuff.  I’m liking the sitar usage at the beginning and the use of acoustic guitar along with the synths and beats the song contains.  It does have this wintry feel to it since I also hear chimes being used throughout the song.  It still kind of is forgettable but it’s casually nice I guess if you want to put it that way.


The rest of the single are remixes of RAINBOW (which was a new song found on her best-of, “M BEST”).  I’m surprised we’d get that, more or less two of them but the first one is quite nice and stands out on the single right from the start.  It’s the feistiest of the four songs on the single which is what I needed and I love the electro sound of RAINBOW.  It’s awesome, not gonna lie!


The other remix of RAINBOW is actually quite the opposite to previous one.  The MIDNIGHT ROMANCE remix pretty much takes us on more of a ballad route by making most of the arrangement based on piano.  It’s nice I must say but I’m not sure if she resung the song for the remix since I never went and listened to the original.  It’s nice though, I can’t help but not deny.



I’m unsure where this’ll go era-wise but I’m not really into half of ROMAN to be honest.  Both the leading track and Baby tell me are kind of boring.  There were a little things that I did like from both those songs like ROMAN’s quiet and dark atmosphere and Baby tell me’s use of the chimes…otherwise eh.  The RAINBOW remixes was where it was at though.  T.O.M.’s remix was pretty awesome while the MIDNIGHT ROMANCE was sweet and simple….We need an epic Miliyah song….


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