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Sayuri Sugawara – Ashita ni Naru Mae ni December 15, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Ashita ni Naru Mae ni
  2. Basket Court

1. Ashita ni Naru Mae ni

Wow, I didn’t think Sayuri was going to hit a different kind of low for Ashita ni Naru Mae ni.  I just seems to be you run-of-the-mill kind of R&B tune which is already boring me just a bit.  I will say that we haven’t had an A-side that was upbeat like this one which is nice and it does fitting for the season.  Then again it sounds like shopping mall music for some reason to me.  It’s nice and one of Sayuri’s better songs but the style still isn’t pulling me in very well.  I’m sure it’ll grow on me in due time though.

2. Basket Court

I wonder what she’s meaning by the title…Basketball?  I’m guessing not though.  Basket Court takes out the R&B and replaces it with more of a pop/rock kind of style which she does pretty good at actually but I’m not feeling much here.  It’s just kind of there and a bit much like her previous efforts.


At first I was kind of wondering of the audience clapping and being excited but that was really shortlived.  I thought this was going to be a bit more rockin’ but it’s a bit more like “Fly” in the way that it also has a lot of electro/rock.  Sayuri’s vocals are a bit more edgy as well which is the voice I like from her the most and it works in this tune.  It’s definitely the best off the single!



I wonder when we’ll get our actual 2nd studio album from Sayuri…I mean the mini-albums were nice to give time, but three minis and this single is just stretching it for what it’s worth.  I will say that ROCKSTAR was the best off the single for just being actually good.  Ashita ni Naru Mae ni was alright and can grow to be quite good but Basket Court is just blahfest…I WANT AN ALBUM SAYURI!!!! xD


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