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Best-of 2011: H!P & Mobekimasu Results! December 16, 2011

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This year has been a pretty feisty year in H!P and all that.  So in regards with the H!P game that’s going around I’ve decided to go in the year that was 2011 here. I’m also doing this in-junction to to the starting points of the five main H!P acts!

Morning Musume

Momosu definitely had one of their busiest years in 2011.  It might not seem much in releases since there’s three singles and an album up there but it’s true.  Not even a week after New Year’s…we get introduced to the Kyuukies (9th Gen) of Momosu with Riho Sayashi, Kanon Suzuki, Erina Ikuta, and Mizuki Fukumura.  At first it was a little awkward watching them in their auditions (minus Mizuki since she was a surprise choice).  At first, it was all good and stuff but the earthquake kind of postponed the ninth generation’s single “Maji Desu ka Ska!” for a little bit.  Then a calamity of weird things happened: Leader of H!P then, Ai Takahashi, announced that she would be graduating in the fall.  Then Aika Mitsui injured her leg and was out of promoting the group’s next two singles, “Only you” and the double A-side, “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! / Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!”.  Even then, Tsunku really freaked out everyone by quickly announcing 10th gen auditions which led into the inclusion of Haruka Kudou, Haruna Iikubo, Masaki Sato, and Ayumi Ishida.  We actually had a 13-nin group but the next day Ai graduated XD.  October saw the release of their album “12, Smart” and that’s about it for 2011.

The music for Momosu this year has seen quite a bit of change as well.  We still had Emo-Musume with “Only you” and “Give me Ai” but we had a resurgance of youthful tunes with “Maji Desu ka Ska!” and “Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!.  Also since Ai was about to graduate Tsunku decided to let others lead and have us picture an Ai-less Momosu which is working today.

Overall: It’s what they needed after dealing with the same members for so long.  We needed new blood since the members were getting older and the loss of 4 members back in 2009/2010 was making the group even smaller.  With 8 new young members, it’ll be interesting to see how this goes in 2012 and with “Pyokopyoko Ultra”.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz Koubou, ManoEri, and C-ute actually has had a quiet year compared to the other two major acts this year.  Starting with Berryz, they started off with “Heroine ni Narou ka!” before releasing their 7th album aptly titled, “7 Berryz Times”.  Then took a short break before releasing their edgy “Ai no Dangan” and the chill “Aa, Yo ga Akeru”.  The group also did some side stuff but that’ll be mentioned below!

Overall: I think Berryz is just getting better and better with their A-sides and it just shows with the three they released this year alone.  They already announced their 8th album, “Ai no Album 8” and I’m excited to hear it despite my kind of meh outlook for the last album!


As for °C-ute, they kind of were going on an epic streak with “Kiss me Aishiteru” and their album, Chou WONDERFUL!⑥”.  After a short break (like Berryz) they released two more singles in “Momoiro Sparkling” and “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”.  Once again they’ve released a little bit more than that.

Overall: I thought °C-ute had got it together for most of the “Chou WONDERFUL!⑥” era since all their singles were pretty impressive for the most part with the peak of “Kiss me Aishiteru”…SO EPIC.  However I really wish they didn’t slide back into their cute songs since it doesn’t fully fit their image really anymore.  I hope there’s something epic coming from their upcoming album “Dainana Shou “Utsukushikutte Gomen ne””.

Mano Erina

I was actually surprised at how quiet ManoEri was this year.  Besides resurfacing at the end of the year with Mobekimasu, she really had the least amount of releases this year with only two singles in “Seishun no Serenade” and “My Days for You”.

Overall: It’s been a pretty quiet year for ManoEri and I don’t know why since her years usually have MANY singles.  That said, she really didn’t have her year either since both singles weren’t amazing to be honest.  I still don’t know why H!P really wants to keep her around as the only solo artist anymore…Maybe next year’s “Doki! Doki! Baby / Tasogare Kousaten” will make up for the lack of her this year!


If it wasn’t for Momosu’s legion of additions to the group, I’d say S/mileage had the busiest and surprising years in 2011.  Prior, we’ve known the group to be really Dawa, Cinderella, Yuukarin, and Sakitty…but things must change like earlier this year we had “Short Cut”, “Koi ni Booing Buu!”, and “Uchouten LOVE” which were great but when the third single was announced we learned that we were gonna have our first S/mileage auditions for the second generation which led to the addition of two eggs: Rina Katsuta and Akari Takeuchi and three brand new members in Meimi Tamura, Kana Nakanishi, and Fuyuka Kosuga.  Sadly right after the sub-members were announced (talk about useless) Saki Ogawa announced that she was leaving to return to a life of a normal girl and didn’t even work on “Tachiagirl” which was the first and last for sub-member, Fuyuka Kosuga who had to leave for medical reasons.  With the announcement of the fifth single, “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!” we get an announcement that Yuuka Maeda was leaving the group to go back to studies which leaves us with half of the original line-up and 4 Gen 2 members to pick up the slack.  It’s been quite a shift for fans the love the original 4 but we got time to see what these new girls can do.

Singles wise, they were clearly getting better with the original 4-nin since the first three singles are just so much better than anything in their previous era TBH.  Once the 5 new sub-members joined it kind of got wonky and having no Saki was a frowny point.  Luckily we get to hear the 4 new members in “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!”. 

Overall: It’s a mess right now watching S/mileage dealing with the additions and losses they’ve gone through in a matter of 4 months but Dawa and Kanon are doing well despite the happenings.  Of course the new members are interesting…Akari being Maimi’s cousin, Rina and her derpy face, Meimi and her fangs, and Kana’s clumsiness (which is good to see something interesing stuff going on).  It’s still sad that Saki and Yuuka aren’t going to do 2012…and I’m looking forward to “Choto Mate Kudasai!”


While they aren’t part of the big 5 (since 2 are Berryz members and the other is a °C-ute member but they are still under H!P basically.  Buono! made fans happy by returning after their best-of album last year which scared fans into believing the whole “if the anime is finished, so is the group” shtick.  They came back with two singles in “Zassou no Uta” and “Natsu Dakara! and released their first mini-album in “partenza”

Overall: I was actually one of those fans that was curious to if Buono! was disbanding because Shugo Chara! was ending.  I’m so happy that they didn’t since Tsunku needs a more rockin’ group and Buono! was definitely the ones that were able!  The singles were of the normal Buono! goodness which shows consistency but when it came to “partenza” I could see that they were trying new things like electro or pop…and even some K-pop stuffs.  Still their cover of SIAM SHADE’s “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou” was awesome!

Other H!P Releases

As for the other releases this year…it seemed to be the year of collaborative acts. 

Chisato actually released an actual single this year in “Romantic Ukare Mode” which is a Mikitty cover but it’s there and an Ayaya cover as the B-side.  Went under the radar though but it was interesting nonetheless.

One of the other current H!P acts that aren’t seen officially with Japan’s H!P, Ojousama (or France & Aiko to many) released their second album (or mini-album IMHO). with “Jia Jiayou! Da Xiao Jie”.  I don’t know much else about this release besides the fact they released it in 2011.

The second was a collaboration between Berryz Koubou & °C-ute titled “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku” and while there’s also a B-side featuring said group of that single, it was kind of bleh for me. 

The third release, “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” was pretty great considering the five main acts finally get together for an altogether song…like “ONE FOR ALL & ALL FOR ONE” but fewer members clearly.  Funny how that two groups plus Risa, Sayumi, and Reina were present in the old one and now all the newer members get their chance.  It was a good release and having a version of “Kacchoii Uta” to every act was a nice gift.

The fourth was “Makeru na Wasshoi!” which was released first in the summer but later released in December as a physical release, it was by Bekimasu (missing Morning Musume clealy).  It didn’t have the same members either.  Makeru na Wasshoi! has none of the 2nd gen S/mileage members and had the original four at the reins.  I’m not sure why they’re re-releasing it but it’s an odd song. not gonna lie.

Kind of under the radar for most people but their was one special sub-unit this year and that was Reborn Eleven.  It consisted of Momosu members: Risa, Reina, Mizuki, Kanon, Erina, Riho, and Haruka, ex v-u-den member Erika Miyoshi and Saki and Minami from Up-Up Girls (which I’ll talk about later).  Also, Karin (who is unfortunately still an Egg) is also a part of the group lol.  Like I said, not many people really knew about “Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~” but it’s disco-y but light pop as well…kind of forgetable.

Of course closing the year we get H!P’s annual Petit Best release.  Petit Best 12 feature a lot of the A-sides we’ve had this year sans a few to kind of give the album an equal feel.  There are three tracks that might be a surprise to fans.  One might not be a BIG surprise but Takitty’s solo song
“Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kara” is on the list.  Another is a BeriKyuu song, “Seishun Gekijou” and last but not least is Koharu Kusumi’s “Asaasamba”.  The last is a bit surprising considering Koharu shouldn’t be there but her song was used in something H!P-related so I guess it works…but no Dream Morning Musume?  Huh….

Any other H!P things?

  • Well, I guess the biggest thing to say here is that Dream Morning Musume began their shortlived stint this year.  They released a self-cover album in “Dorimusu. 1” which can also be called a sort of best-of because of that second disc.
  • 5th Gen member, Asami Konno released a single with a special TV TOKYO unit Moe×Kon titled “Junjou☆Fighter”
  • Also 1st Generation member, Asuka Fukuda reemerged from the unknown with a new band PEACE$TONE and released their first album together, “Double Fantasy” in November!
  • Aya Matsuura, one of the well known soloists released a best-of album at the end of 2011 titled “Aya Matsuura 10TH ANNIVERSARY BEST”.
  • Melon Kinenbi’s Ayumi Shibata decided to start a solo career and she did so with her first single “Believe” towards the end of 2011. 
  • Also Masae Ohtani from Melon Kinenbi officially debuted as well releasing three singles: “Killing My Caddy”, “ENDLESS LOVE”, and “BANGIN'” under the penname, Masae Ohtani aka Himawari
  • Mami Suenaga (from Sheki-dol) has debuted under the penname Rin and released her first single “Truth / Katayoku -Tsubasa no Yukue-“
  • A lot of girls graduated from H!P Eggs.  Minami, Konatsu, Saki, Ayano, Akari, Azusa, and Manami graduated and then spun around to create Up Up Girls/UFZS.  They haven’t debuted yet, but I’m sensing that could happen in 2012.
  • Yuu Kikkawa and Sayaka Kitahara graduated from H!P Eggs and both are now doing solo releases…GOOD FOR THEM!
  • On the flipside we also got new Eggs! Aina and Minami from the Momosu auditions joined them and Sakura and Kanae from the S/mileage auditions joined.  Of course Fuyuka Kosuga also joined the ranks but she’s still recovering. 
  • That means the only true new Egg additions are: Kurumi, Natsumi, Ayano, and Rena.

Mobekimasu + 3 RESULTS!!!!

So here we are with the results from the “big game” this year….basically rate the members once again.  Most people are doing it accordingly from the game (which I am too…but I’m adding Saki, Takitty, and Fuu-chan since they were here in 2011 right? XD….It brings the list up to 35 so I’ll do intervals of five.

  • 35. Meimi Tamura
  • 34. Mai Hagiwara
  • 33. Momoko Tsugunaga
  • 32. Erina Mano
  • 31. Saki Nakajima 

They are definitely at the bottom of the list this year for me.  Meimi got none of my support and here’s why.  I think her personality comes off as too forward…almost to the point where I want to call it fake and just being a kissass to fans.  I just don’t know why but every time she’s put on camera, she just takes it too far.  Maimai (Mai) has never really appealed to me so she’s kind of least favorite of the old ones to be honest.  Momoko can be tolerable but this year was just too much with the whole ~Yurushite NYAN!~ shtick going on.  She just is passed that point to be THAT CUTE!…cut it out plz!  ManoEri this year is pretty low since she really didn’t do much this year and I’m kind of grossed out by her solo take on “Kacchoii Uta”…that was uncalled for!  As for Nakky (Saki), she’s like Maimai in the way that she never really appealed to me…Sorry….

  • 30. Fuyuka Kosuga
  • 29. Ayaka Wada
  • 28. Rina Katsuta
  • 27. Haruka Kudou
  • 26. Yuuka Maeda

The next batch of girls that are on the lower side is mostly S/mileage members but that’s just from not knowing most of them.  Fuu-chan (Fuyuka) is just pretty low on the list simply just because she really had no time to shine before her untimely need for medical help…hope she recovers enough that one day she can rejoin S/mileage.  Dawa (Ayaka), Yuukarin (Yuuka), and Rinapuu (Rina) are there since well I don’t know.  Dawa never really makes a mark for me so she’s rather invisible to me…at least she stood out in “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!”.  Rinapuu has the unfortuate derpy face and she needs the fixed….surgery y’all!  She hasn’t really left much of a reaction towards her unlike the other three new members do but there’s time for that to grow.  Yuuka to me has a squeaky high voice and I never liked it (the only thing that really holds back “Kioku no Meiro” from just utterly epicly amazingness.  As for Kuduu (Haruka), she’s pretty damn confident for a young girl like her and she has a lot of personality but her audition with her “unique” voice kind of bothers me…is it supposed to sound that scratchy?  She needs time for me to enjoy!

  • 25. Sayumi Michishige
  • 24. Airi Suzuki
  • 23. Masaki Satou
  • 22. Ayumi Ishida
  • 21. Erina Ikuta

I’ve somewhat liked Sayu when she was younger but she’s grown into something different this year.  She isn’t as bitchy or silver-tongued about her cuteness vs. misono XDDD.  She’s still pretty and she’s getting more lines in her group so I can’t bag too much…but she’s still not that great of one.  Airi really didn’t stand out to me this year which was left to the other members (cept in Buono!) but she’s kind of worn off to me this year.  Does she have personality anymore?  I don’t know but she’s still got the vocals to take songs places.  Masaki and Ayumi are up there because while they were new they have some things sticking out already.  Masaki’s naivete to the business and Ayumi’s dancing capabilities.  Let’s hope they can take over this list in a year!  Erina might be my least favorite of the 9th gen, but she’s quirky in her own way and I like that about her.  Even replacing Saki in Oha Star is a great way to get to know Erina’s personality and I hope we get see more of her!

  • 20. Reina Tanaka
  • 19. Miyabi Natsuyaki
  • 18. Kana Nakanishi
  • 17. Kanon Fukuda
  • 16. Maimi Yajima

Reina still is kind of wishy-washy to me but I have to give credit to the fact that she can sing her heart out and do it quite well.  There is still a little too much of her these days but at least the other members are taking over slowly.  Miya might be my favorite member from Buono! but to me her voice doesn’t seem to fit Berryz’ as much anymore as it’s still high pitched and most of the other members have deeper tones.  Still a pretty gal even though she does have horse-face x.x.  Kanana is perserverence in a girl in such a short time and she shows that pretty well with the dance footage from “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!” to the actual PV.  It shows how much work she has to do.  She might not be the best singer or dancer but she’s trying and that works to like her more and more!  My favorite member in S/mileage, Kanon is going to be such a great singer as she ages.  She has the vocals but she’s starting to lose the cute tone and you can tell in this year’s singles that her voice is changing to be a little more deeper.  Besides Saki, she’s the vocals that should be looked at more rather than Meimi or Yuuka.  Maimi is just consistent, she’s always been a great member for her group and the sub-groups she participates in.  That might be bad since that’ll lead to boredom but at least her voice is her saving grace!

  • 15. Saki Ogawa
  • 14. Mizuki Fukuhara
  • 13. Risa Niigaki
  • 12. Saki Shimizu
  • 11. Ai Takahashi

Even though she’s gone, Saki definitely left her mark in S/mileage and was seriously the best vocally out of the four original members for sure.  I’m still sad that she left RIGHT after the sub-members were announced and didn’t participate in one final single but “Uchouten LOVE” is a great final song for her.  Fukuchan (Mizuki) is still trying to make a better mark on me since she hasn’t shined as much as her fellow Kyuukies have but she’s really pretty and her voice is pretty solid as well!  Gaki (Risa) might be H!P’s new leader but since she hasn’t led that long, who knows what’ll happen with her as top dog (considering she’s not that far from graduating herself).  She’s finally looking amazing after what seemed like eternity with her and her younger decisions of hairstyles. Captain (Saki) is one of the few unique vocals in Berryz and she always had such weird hairstyle choices as well (kind of almost boyish).  Still, Saki is looking great and all I want is her to lead a song for once!  It might not have been long but Takitty left her mark on H!P especially for leading the entire H!P as long as she’s had.  She might have tired us out from all the leading songs she’s done but she had a pretty good year and such a good final performance!

  • 10. Risako Sugaya
  • 9. Riho Sayashi
  • 8. Haruna Iikubo
  • 7. Chinami Tokunaga
  • 6. Kanon Suzuki

I just love Risako this year.  She might be coming off as a bit diva-ish, she has the deep vocals to do well in some songs like her powerhouse in “Ai no Dangan” to that sweet sweep of a note in “Aa, Yo ga Akeru”.  Still she isn’t really lead vocal gal to me…she shouldn’t have that many lines in one song haha.  While she’s been hated or loved equally, Riho has been great getting better in each release.  She might not be what Tsunku was originally looking for, but she’s an amazing dancer and possibly we could see a Riho/Ayumi dance-off one day!  I’m surprised that the game had put Haruna so high above everyone but she was the only member of the whole 10th gen auditions that really stood out and I wanted to win.  I can’t wait to see how well she does on her first single.  I love Berryz’ underdogs.  They’re prolly some of the most interesting girls of H!P to be honest!  Chinami looked SOOOO hot in the “Ai no Dangan” PV and she rocked that red leather suit quite awesomely.  I wish there was a way to have her do something epic…but maybe sometime in 2012 hopefully!  YAY, our bug-lover Kanon was just pretty awesome.  She is just bundles of fun and has a lot of humor to give and everytime she shows up it’s exciting to see what she would do.

  • 5. Aika Mitsui
  • 4. Akari Takeuchi
  • 3. Chisato Okai
  • 2. Maasa Sudou
  • 1. Yurina Kumai

Despite not being able to perform most of the year, Aika is still one of my favorite Momosu members and I can never tell you guys why since I don’t even know myself XD.  She’s just different and lighthearted which is different to everyone else in the group.  I just hope she’s back in full shape for 2012 so we can see her perform again!  Akari in just one year has made herself to be quite something when she joined the ranks of S/mileage.  I mean she’s talented, has a fun personality, and she draws!  I already am a fan of hers…add the fact she’s related to Maimi and you just got all kinds of awesomeness!  I think for someone in short time to stand out, Chisato did it very well with the whole YouTube extravaganza that happened she just bumped up to something great!  Previously mentioned, she really was the only H!P girl to release an actual single (even though it’s a cover).  Maasa has always been the true underdog of H!P.  I mean she looks like she’s an Enka artist and doesn’t seem to fit in very well but her poise and legit awesomeness with dealing with the fat comment really showed us how temperamental she is.  I just love her but she isn’t as all-around amazing like Yurina.  While she’s prolly the tallest girl in H!P, she’s definitely the prettiest of them all too at least to me.  Her deep vocals are also quite pleasing to me especially since she’s getting deeper in every release.  I love her a tad more than Maasa but that’s good…I wonder if next year will remove her from her spot!





DJ OZMA – Chin Kon ka

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Track Listing

  1. Chin Kon ka
  2. Chin Kon ka (Instrumental)

1. Chin Kon ka

Haha YAY!  Chin Kon ka is kind of a guilty pleasure for me (then again when isn’t OZMA being such a guilty pleasure?).  The song starts with OZMA with an acoustic guitar before the song opens up to this kind of groovy pop setting.  I’m surprised to hear OZMA taking the vocals for this one since I’m used to one of the other two guys that he does the PVs with take over but still awesome.  But it gets even sillier when he makes fun of AKB’s “Aitakatta”, KARA’s “Mister” and Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” in that order…it was kind of a funny twist to the song!  However, unlike the PV, there’s more to the song but it gets kind of happy-go-lucky and gets upbeat and fun.  It’s a pretty fun song to listen to and the little nods to different songs make it stand out on its own.



It has been about three years since we’ve seen DJ OZMA releasing anything (the last was a best-of collection).  Though we’ve actually had Ayanotsuji with Kishidan, ravex, and YAZIMA in between to fill the gap.  Chin Kon ka is a great return to the silly OZMA-ness that most fans love to go WTF to.  It still has that trademark oddness that made “Spiderman”, “DRINKIN’ BOYS”, “MASURAO”, and even “I RAVE YOU” so damn good.  I hope this means his 4th studio album is probable ^_^