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Crystal Kay – Superman December 17, 2011

Filed under: Crystal Kay — solarblade @ 3:59 am

Track Listing

  1. Superman
  2. Love Road
  3. Superman -Piano ver.-
  4. Superman (Instrumental)
  5. Love Road (Instrumental)

1. Superman

As a sparkly little synthy R&B tune, Superman kind of brings back a somewhat interesting track from Kuri.  It does kind of have the typical beats and stuff but the synths kind of make the song a little easier to take in.  Kuri also sounds pretty nice singing the song and her voice sounds great in the chorus to be honest.  The filtered part is a little unusualy in the song’s context but it’s good otherwise and a solid A-side.

2. Love Road

The B-side on the single is a bit disappointing for me since it’s just a simple R&B ballad with the importance laid upon the piano.  It’s pretty bland all over and just doesn’t really do much for her besides the fact that her voice is much more pleasant here than in “Superman”.  It’s just kind boring and if this is a “love road” then it sure is flat…

3. Superman -Piano ver.-

I’m surprised that she included a transformed Superman as the third song.  It’s quite basic like “Love Road” but at least this sounds rather good and Kuri sounds so much stronger resinging as well!  It just sounds so much personal and powerful this way.  I like this much more than the original take.



I wouldn’t have guessed that Kuri would jump labels to UNIVERAL JAPAN (then again the multitude of best-ofs she’s released recently should have alluded it to that direction but w/e).  Superman to me is kind of unusually weak of a release especially for an artist at her longevity.  Superman is alright but the piano version is the preferred version for me since her emotions come off a lot stronger there than on the original’s more synthy take but I like em both.  Love Road though was just too plain and white and I forgot how it goes already XD.  It’s just pure B-side material.  Hopefully her next single will be a jump up after this one.


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