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LIL – Watching you feat. WISE December 22, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Watching you feat. WISE
  2. ALBUM DIGEST ~LIL HOUSE MIX~ from “Synchronize” & “LIPS IN LUSH”
  3. Watching you feat. WISE (Instrumental)

1. Watching you feat. WISE

LIL’s first single is interesting since it’s a collaboration with WISE who it off and on with me when he MCs.  ucio sounds a lot stronger than she did I think and while I do dislike hearing her under auto-tune, she’s not under it a lot and she has pretty clear vocals.  TSUGE’s arrangement is also quite nice since it’s electro, but classy haha.  I wish there was a version of this song without WISE, but it’s whatever and I still enjoyed it overall.

2. ALBUM DIGEST ~LIL HOUSE MIX~ from “Synchronize” & “LIPS IN LUSH”

Like the title implies we get previews from the upcoming album, “Synchronize” and some stuff from their already released “LIPS IN LUSH” album.  The idea isn’t a totally new one at that but it’s good if you’re wanting a little sneak peak with this 9+ minute track.  I’m thinking this album is going to be a bit different to their first but it sounds hopeful here.



Being the lone single released for “Synchronize”, Watching you was alright but I still think it would sound so much better without WISE.  Otherwise I’m enjoying the song and I liked the little previews on the album digest…showcasing many sides to LIL.  Yeah, pretty good here! ^^


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