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WEAVER – Egao no Aizu December 27, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Egao no Aizu
  2. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte
  3. Nakitai Kurai Shiawase ni Nareru yo
  4. Egao no Aizu Yuji Sugimoto (Piano Instrumental Ver.)
  5. Egao no Aizu (Instrumental Ver.)

1. Egao no Aizu

Coming off from “Jubilation” with a tired feeling from it, Egao no Aizu is kind of a refreshing kind of song since it’s positive and has a nice bright feeling that comes from Yuji’s vocals and piano feel mixed with the brass lines that are found within.  I don’t know why though but whenever Yuji’s singing, it sounds tired and weak for some reason or another.  This is kind of random like NICO’s “Te wo Tatake” but not as hook-worthy.

2. 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte

The first B-side though is a little more of what I was expecting to hear from WEAVER and it’s actually kind of nice despite being 6 minutes long hahah.  It’s relaxing of a song to be honest and it fits the piano melody even more than the rest of the things that are going on!  It is weird that it kind of ends suddenly and goes into this instrumental part that goes to the end.  It’s easily the best of the three songs though.

3. Nakitai Kurai Shiawase ni Nareru yo

The second B-side is a bit more slower and piano-based (moreso than “66 Banme”.  I will say that I enjoy hearing a lighter song from the band since it showcases Yuji a little better as a singer here.  It’s a bit basic to my ears and sounds like some of the songs from “Jubilation” but this is pretty sweet of a song.



I’m surprised this is only WEAVER’s second single released (they’re more known for digital releases and mini-albums.  Egao no Aizu is an alright single for the most part.  The only song that really stood out was 66 Banme no Kisha ni Notte but that was because it was a little different than their normal.  Egao no Aizu follows it with it’s rather happy-go-lucky mood and the usage of a lot of brass.  As for Nakitai Kurai Shiawase ni Nareru yo, it’s a bit tame and just a little too reminescent of past songs for me.  All in all this single is going to take a while to get used to but it’s not terrible.


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