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Best & Worst of 2011: A-sides! January 2, 2012

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This year, I actually took time to prepare for this year’s best-of unlike the years before where it was literally mostly chosen on the spot so there’s a big list of what A-sides I actually found to be great for this year…before we get into the 15 here’s the A-sides that were pretty damn good this year! (Alphabetically, not in which I liked them).


  • Anna Tsuchiya – Master Blaster (UNCHAINED GIRL)
  • Berryz Koubou – Ai no Dangan
  • Brown Eyed Girls – SIGN
  • Chiaki Kuriyama – Tsukiyo no Shouzou
  • Do As Infinity – Ariadne no Ito
  • Hello! Project Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku
  • HIROKO – GIRLZ UP ~stand up for yourself~
  • JUJU – Sayonara no Kawari ni
  • Kana Nishino – Distance
  • KARA – GO GO Summer!
  • KOTOKO – Light My Fire
  • Kou Shibasaki – wish
  • Mami Kawada – See visionS
  • MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – maximum the hormone (Greatest the Hits 2011-2011)
  • Meisa Kuroki – One More Drama
  • Meisa Kuroki – Woman’s Worth
  • MISIA – Kioku
  • miwa – FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC
  • Mizca – 1925
  • Momoiro Clover Z – D’ no Junjou
  • Morning Musume – Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!
  • Namie Amuro – NAKED
  • NICO Touches the Walls – Diver
  • Perfume – Laser Beam
  • Porno Graffitti – One More Time
  • S/mileage – Short Cut
  • Sakanaction – Rookie
  • Sayaka Kitahara – Kanari Junjou
  • School Food Punishment – How to go
  • SuG – Crazy Bunny Coaster
  • Tsuki Amano – CORE
  • UVERworld – CORE PRIDE
  • You Kikkawa – Konna Watashi de Yokattara
  • YUI – Green a.live
  • Yui Sakakibara – Blue mind
  • Yui Sakakibara (PHANTASM) – Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni
  • YUKI – Hello!

The 5 that almost made the cut!

Yup, this year it was tough deciding who was going to be in the top 10, more or less in the 5 that just missed it since most of the A-sides listed above were all mostly capable making the list!  Namie’s One Piece song, Fight Together really made a mark on me since it’s pretty different of an offering we usually get from Namie to begin with.  Fits the anime series VERY well to be honest.  Unlike last year in 2010, there wasn’t a lot of impressive debut A-sides but one of the few came in the form of a K-pop song in Tick Tack.  U-KISS really blew me away with this one and it’s great to see that they had a very good 2011.  JASMINE this year was pretty quiet only releasing two singles this year but ONE was the great one from her this year.  It’s a very positive song about individuality and she struck gold with that!  Funny that MOMAJIK’s Headlight is the only ballad on the list but it’s catchy, simple, and pulled us out of that rather redundant album in “westview”…Last but not least, one of AKB’s sub-units, DiVA debut with Tsuki no Uragawa and to be honest they are some of the strongest singers (and dancers) under Aki.P sad to see that it’s now a 10-nin group though.

10. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Limited addiction

2011 saw me as sinking into the idol world (as you can tell, there’s been a surge of me loving girl groups as of recent).  TG’S was a group that I wasn’t very impressed with them back in 2010…However somehow they’ve ditched the typical idol style for a more edgy and (in some ways controversial) style and Limited addiction is an amazing song for them.  I mean the lead singers really brought it and mixed in with a classy 90’s pop style and you have this song.  Mix in with the PV it got and it left a mark on yours truly!  For being young gals, they’re riding the mature train on a very good note.

9. Meisa Kuroki – Wired Life

It was hard deciding between this and “One More Drama” since both were pretty kickass songs, but I fell in love with Wired Life much quicker than the former.  I love the mysterious glow of the song mixed in with Meisa’s whispery vocals in the verses and growing into the heavy chorus.  Plus, I always find myself humming to the song and then going ~cut the rope, cut the rope, cu-cu-cut the rope~.  It’s pretty damn unique in Meisa’s catalog.

8. girl next door – Dada Para!!

What isn’t there wrong with Dada Para!!?  Every era as I’ve said before harbors one amazing song from GND (however they’re going lowercase nowadays)…I really love the energy of Dada Para!! since it’s easy for people to do some Parapara dancing and all that.  Add the happy vocals from CHISA and you get this package of just dancing and letting it all out.  It’s definitely the most energetic of the songs on the list and that’s always good!

7. 2PM – Take off

The only other debutee this year was 2PM who like U-KISS are a part of this Hallyu Wave that’s happened in 2011.  Likewise with the other group 2PM debuted with an original song in Take off.  I want to say that it’s hard to describe why I love the song but it comes down to the impressive vocals and the flight-like atmosphere of the song (plus the sheer fact that it was an ending theme to Ao no Exorcist helped it).  It’s just a fun song to listen too (and try to sing along with it as well).

6. DUSTZ – Criez

I know I mentioned a lot of DUSTZ here recently, but Criez was released back in April and I’ve loved this A-side a whole lot since then so it makes the list just fine.  It’s pretty aggressive but at the same time has this dark, yet experimentive vibe that just worked for the trio.  Add in the fact that it’s only sung in French and English might be unfair, but it’s whatever the song is still one of the strongest rock songs of 2012. 


Like with gnd, it seems AAA always finds a song for me to fully enjoy and this year in amongst the rather mediore stuff they released, CALL is prolly their best of 2011 (not better than “Dream After Dream” mind you).  It felt so refreshing after “Buzz Commincation’s” era that I couldn’t help but enjoy it.  Plus, all the members got solo lines which is rare to see on an AAA A-side.  Kind of like “Dada Para!!”, it’s a song to make you happy and just have a good time dancing with it! 

4. °C-ute – Kiss me Aishiteru

Actually, I think that °C-ute’s song is the most energetic on this list.  I wasn’t expecting a song like this to come from this group who at the time was still trying to find themselves after “Shocking 5” and this song really solidified them onto my ears.  Though I am disappointed with the direction they took after their sixth album, this song still did a great deal of awesomeness with it’s epic dance number and the whole repetitive of ~nee~ and ~please~…I didn’t think I would like this as first…but damn it Tsunku you made a gem this year!

3. ONE OK ROCK – Re:make

ONE OK ROCK might still be underappreciated but damn this song is probably their magnum opus for right now!  Before I knew Taka used to be a member for NEWS (you know, that JE group), I just thought this was badass…but after hearing that, this song is even MORE badass.  The angry atmosphere, the gritty vocals from Taka and just epic guitar riffs left and right.  It’s definitely rock song of the year for me

2. Berryz Koubou – Aa, Yo ga Akeru

2011 was definitely Berryz’ year since all of their A-sides were pretty good.  However I was most pleased with Aa, Yo ga Akeru (even though it has a lot of unusual flak against it).  I know it’s now the most evenly distributed song (most compare this to the equality found in “Ai no Dangan”) but I still loved this WAYYYY more than that.  It’s a classy song and mixed in with this 90’s pop sound, it worked for everyone IMO.  Plus the high notes Risako and Miyabi hit are just orgasmic to me.  Best H!P song of the year (and boy there were actually a lot of great H!P A-sides this year hmmmm!

1. Kalafina – Magia

There hasn’t been such a strong song from Kalafina since “progressive” IMO, and so to have Kalafina bless the #1 spot with Magia is such a great thing to see!  It’s ruthless and just dark and aggressive in all the right spots.  Plus it seems that whenever HIKARU leads a song, it’s always badass.  Then again, KEIKO’s solo lines were just as much.  I just loved this song to its core and it stands up there with the best from them (which is basically all of their songs in the first place XD).  CONGRATULATIONS KALAFINA!!!!


So like with the Bests, I have done the same…let’s start with the list that weren’t bad enough but enough to make me frown this year!

  • Aki Misato – Saigo no Tabi
  • Aki Toyosaki – SHUN PU
  • Ayaka Hirahara – Wakare no Kyoku
  • HIROKO – Saigo no Koi
  • eufonius – Literal
  • kanon×kanon – Koi no Doutei
  • KARA – Jet Coaster Love
  • Kie Kitano – Kizuna
  • lecca – Right Direction
  • Miliyah Kato – BABY!BABY!BABY!
  • Minako Kotobuki – Dear my…
  • Momoiro Clover – Mirai Bowl
  • Not yet – Naminori Kakigoori
  • Satsuki – SYMPATHY
  • SDN48 – Ai, Chuseyo
  • SID – Fuyu no Bench
  • Stereopony – Arigatou
  • Sukima Switch – Saigo no Hi
  • Tohoshinki – Superstar

The 5 that are just lucky to miss this list!

I will say there was less bad A-sides this year than lasts so I’m happy with that but there were some really bad songs this year.  Piko’s Yume Hana failed to really stand out and it sounds a lot like his previous songs in his first era (which I wasn’t a fan of either).  YuiKaori’s Shooting☆Smile was a clear addition since I’m not a fan of Yui Ogura’s vocals and there was a LOT of that and it didn’t work with this kind of meh genki song…just too much for me.  Masterpiece by mihimaru GT was just messy and the rather sudden intro just took me out for most of it…I like their upbeat songs but not like this…  Angela Aki might be a great singer and all that but she needs to have an equal great song and Hajimari no Ballad is anything but that.  It just was too boring (especially since she has songs that are similar and better overall.  Same can be said about Lia’s Kimi ga Hitori Nanka ja Nai yo, great vocals but terrible movement and boring arrangement. 

10. JUJU – YOU -Single Version-

Third song in a row where the vocalist isn’t the fault of the song.  In the case of YOU from JUJU (originally an album song from “YOU”) the single version has the problem of just a boring ass arrangement.  The big difference between album and single is that the single got added strings which made the song even tougher to listen to with the long time length as well.  Not a good song…

9. Koda Kumi – Poppin’love Cocktail feat. TEEDA (4 TIMES)

Terrible idea for this song to be the leading track off of 4 TIMES.  I just couldn’t get into it mainly because of TEEDA…he blatantly destroyed the song IMO with his awkward rapping.  Mix in the fact the song reminds me of “Hashire!” and it just doesn’t work.  Kuu on the other hand isn’t so bad during her parts but they’re in between TEEDA’s crappiness…yeah bad collaboration!


You can say she’s being emotional and playing her heart out but it doesn’t mean she was singing very well.  This song grates my mind because I enjoy the bright and fun atmosphere (something she’s been slowly doing more of in recent times) but her voice is what kills me.  The chorus might be the most vocally atrocious chorus of the year to be honest…high notes are not YUI’s strong point that’s for sure and she tries that too many times there.  Emotionally singing does not equal poor singing (most of the time).


This secondary A-side was pretty messy for BREAKERZ IMO.  I think it would’ve avoided the list if the song wasn’t so messy and wild as it was.  DAIGO just sounds unusual singing the song plus the absurd amount of drums just turned me off from it entirely…it’s definitely their bad song this year TBH.

6. Not yet – Perapera Perao

Summer songs and me don’t really get along very well…moreso if it’s AKB-related like in the case of Perapera Perao which sounds like every other AKB summer single even the title reminds me of SKE48’s “Pareo wa Emerald”.  I mean if you’re going to bore me to death with such an upbeat summery tune…at least make the title a little more original >.<

5. Minori Chihara – KEY FOR LIFE

KEY FOR LIFE shows us that Minorin just can’t be doing music like this officially…keep your damn seiyuu voice elsewhere!  Didn’t help that the song itself felt rather unimaginative and effortless…almost like some typical cutesy-anime tune.  Just terrible Minorin!

4. AAA – No cry No more

“CALL” might be their best of the year, but they also made No cry No more pretty damn bad.  I don’t agree with Komuro working with them again and this is the sole reason why I hated this song.  First, Misako leads and she isn’t their best singer.  The other thing is that, this is a CARBON COPY of “Makenai Kokoro”, I mean listen to the choruses of the two and you’ll see what I mean.  Blech, just shouldn’t have happened in the first place if you ask me.


You may be wondering how someone can screw up such a classic little kids tune and yeah Aimer totally icked it up pretty harshly here.  Aimer kind of at first made it sound nice…then she started to repeat…and repeat…and repeat certain parts of the song numerous times and that got me to the point where I was fuming.  UGH…

2. Sayaka Sasaki – Zzz

Like I’ve said on both the single and album review for the song, Zzz is not Sayaka’s forte of sound and she sounds so headache inducing with this track.  It’s just the kind of cute and sickly sugary tune that I just can’t take.  Girl, I hope you don’t ever do this again!!!

1. Momoiro Clover Z – Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~

It’s weird that I love “D’ no Junjou” (the other single released simultaneously with this single) but hated the hell out of this song.  I know there’s fans that adore this song…but to me, it’s a song of hell.  It’s messy and the vocals are way underwhelming in my opinion.  It really felt like it had no direction and the producers just pasted random parts one after another.  Ugh, this was the worst song of 2011 for me!!!




Miyu Kasegi – Nihon wa Hitotsu Chikyuu ga Hitotsu

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Track Listing

  1. Nihon wa Hitotsu Chikyuu ga Hitotsu
  2. Inu no Onegai
  3. Nihon wa Hitotsu Chikyuu ga Hitotsu (Original Karaoke)
  4. Ino no Onegai (Original Karaoke)

1. Nihon wa Hitotsu Chikyuu ga Hitotsu

Since it seems that Miyu has ditched the J-pop act and went towards more of an enka style, it shows with her first song under Teichiku which is pretty much a straightforward kind of enka song though interestingly enough has kids singing in the background on the later parts.  I have to admit though, I think Miyu’s vocals are pretty solid and still rather clean sounding than other enka artists who love to abuse vibrato like it’s nothing.  This is actually not a bad song and kind of pleasant to listen to…kind of like how “Sakura” was.

2. Inu no Onegai

The B-side is kind of more or less the same song but a little more sad sounding.  It has the same properties which is a little disappointing to hear kids once again sing backup to Miyu’s rather strong vocals.  I do think the kids make it cuter with the whole ~sha la la~ parts but it’s just a clone of the A-side.



It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to Miyu last so it’s great to hear her still doing a singing career of sorts.  However, I didn’t expect the label change from VAP to Teichiku (Nami Tamaki’s current label) so this was odd.  However, it’s no surprise that she’s now more of an enka artist that a J-popper.  Her first single under the label is actually quite nice even though both songs are kind of one and the same since both are ballads and features kids singing alongside.  Hopefully she’ll find better ground on her second one.



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Track Listing

  1. Strong Heart
  2. another day * another world
  3. Sayonara wa Mada Iwanai de ~album ver.~
  4. Stay the same
  5. Your Best Friend
  6. Mou Ichido
  7. Brave your heart feat. Alex Lu
  8. Sun will shine on u
  9. Love one another
  10. step by step
  11. 1000 Mankai no Kiss
  12. La La La * La

1. Strong Heart

The album kicks things off with the 4th and final single (albeit DVD single) in the era with Strong Heart.  Seeing as GIORGIO13 produced the song, it does remind me of the bland stuff that I had to deal with on AYUSE KOZUE’s most recent album so coming back to this is surprising because it’s rather nice and fits Mai-K’s rather thin vocal abilities.  The usage of electric guitar also kind of makes it stand out amongst the amount of songs Mai has that are in this general area so it’s a good song overall and nice intro to the album.

2. another day * another world

The first new track on the album, another day * another world is kind of Mai-K’s usual dance track and I kind of like it here since the synths are rather deep and gritty.  I’m also hearing Mai singing a bit more louder and deeper than usual which is kind of new to my ears but that’s good to me.  I’m not sure if she’s trying to be sexy in this song but whatever she’s aiming for I kind of like it a lot.  Though I hear a little auto-tune used here >.>

3. Sayonara wa Mada Iwanai de ~album ver.~

All but one B-side made the album cut (“Kimi no Koe”).  Sayonara wa Mada Iwanai de was originally the B-side from “1000 Mankai no Kiss” and it’s the only song that’s been edited for the album and it’s definitely for the better.  It sounds a lot fuller and with the added background support for Mai in the chorus it actually feels like a completed version (even though I did like the original as well, but this is more cleaned up and made better). 

4. Stay the same

I’m not sure what she was trying to do with this song because it’s rather unorthodoxily cute for Mai-K here since she’s singing in a higher tone than she has been in the previous songs.  I mean it sounds like a mash of a Juliet and an AAA song which is yikes on a stick.  I give her props for trying this thought but it’s not my kind of song unfortunately.

5. Your Best Friend

Since the next few songs are ballads, I’m kind of not really interested in this part of the album.  The first one is Mai’s 3rd A-side released and longest track on the album, almost reaching 6 minutes.  Like I said on the single review, Mai’s vocals give me dejavu since it sounds like Kanayan’s vocals in many places of the song.  Doesn’t help that the song sounds like something Kana would have done as well.  Yeah, it’s a kind of meh song…and long one at that too.

6. Mou Ichido

I don’t know if it was a smart idea to place Mou Ichido right after “Your Best Friend” but it is what it is…  At least it lacks an R&B beat at the first minute and the song is a more depressing vibe even though it grows from that.  A little nostalgic ballad here and I liked it a lot more than the previous song at least!

7. Brave your heart feat. Alex Lu

I didn’t think she’d do a collaboration with Alex Lu (who if I’m correct is a C-pop singer) but as the third ballad in a row, I was kind of getting sleepy and this one at least made me pay attention since it’s a strong ballad from her.  It’s a simple tune with strings, acoustic guitar, and piano so that should tell you.  Both Mai and Alex sound really nice even though the broken English is kind of distracting eh? XD  Nice tune!

8. Sun will shine on u

Kind of speeding a little but still basically a ballad, Sun will shine on u is like how I feel about “Mou Ichido” in the way that it’s kind of nostalgic to her older works but at the same I’m kind of not liking this as much because she hits some sour notes in the chorus…it really shows her weakness in her vocals which is not good in this case. 

9. Love one another

Finally things move out of the ballad zone with Love one another.  I have to say I love the song since it has such a different atmosphere than any other song present on the album.  I mean the whole tribal/nature-esque feel of the song is so unique and Mai’s vocals really has this soothing tone that just made this song basically perfect.  It’s definitely the best song off the album, hands down!

10. step by step

I’m curious to why this wasn’t up more closer towards the beginning of the album since it sounds like it’d fit better there than in between “Love one another” and “1000 Mankai no Kiss”.  It’s prolly the heaviest of the songs here and that kind of surprises me (especially after the amount of them on “FUTURE KISS”).  I think it’s catchy and totally deserved its placement on the album.

11. 1000 Mankai no Kiss

As the first A-side released after “FUTURE KISS”, 1000 Mankai no Kiss is kind of oddly placed since it feels like it would’ve sound better being after “Brave your heart”.  Unlike the other ballad A-sides, this is a bit more dramatic on its presentation and I liked that about this tune despite everything afterwards was rather disappointing.  Funny that it’s actually my favorite A-side of the era.

12. La La La * La

I’m surprised Mai-K would end the album with a synth track…it kind of seems rather unusual since “1000 Mankai no Kiss” makes a better closing track than La La La * La.  Besides the odd placement, the song isn’t bad actually since it suits her light vocals quite well.  Kind of reminds me of the songs in her last album actually. 

Tracks Recommended

  • Love one another
  • Sayonara wa Mada Iwanai de ~album ver.~
  • La La La * La
  • 1000 Mankai no Kiss
  • step by step

Song of Avoidance

  • Sun will shine on u

Kicking 2012 releases (and because it leaked rather early!), OVER THE RAINBOW is definitely a disappointment after how much she was getting better since joining NORTHERN MUSIC.  “FUTURE KISS” remains her peak album on this label for me.  The problem with this was that this era was a bit full of weak songs (B-sides were stronger for some reason).  Add in that most of the ballads were smushed in the middle and that wasn’t a smart move in my opinion.  I don’t know, this album didn’t have as much spark to it than her last IMO.


What’s On Brett’s iPhone: Week 1!

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So I was thinking that since it’s now 2012, I should do something fun and I got to thinking, how about letting the readers get to know me better than with seeing what’s on my iPhone!  Every Sunday, I’ll post 5 songs that are in my iPhone in shuffle….so there’ll be Japanese, American, Korean, and etc.!  I’ll post my comments about the song, the video (if there is one) and why it’s on my iPhone…so let’s get to it!

1. AAA – Jamboree!!

The Song: I think it’s a fitting beginning for my iPhone to have began it’s shuffling with this song given that it’s New Year’s Day and all that right?  Anyways, Jamboree!! is one of the few happy and cheery songs AAA has that I’ve fully enjoyed.  Being as it’s the promotional song for “depArture”, this was smartly chosen since that era didn’t have a lot of great songs on it.

The Video: The PV though is a little cheap since it’s the same set the entire thing and none of the members go through any visual changes but the main thing is that they’re having fun and that is true.  The thing that caught me laughing was the Shuta x Hidaka moment where they pull that pseudo “Lady and the Tramp” moment and Hidaka flirts while Shuta is kind of like….ehhh really? T.T   Still a fun video despite being cheaply made.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?:  Basically, the song is an addiction with it’s bright atmosphere and happy go lucky spirit.  Add in the English (which is odd) like ~let’s enjoy yourself~…odd but catchy!

2. JYONGRI – Possession

The Song: As this is JYONGRI’s debut A-side, I was surprised to have liked it as much as I have since it’s danceable has great vocals and the use of strings made it all seem like it was the perfect debut song.  At times I kept hearing Hikki like whenever JYONGRI was singing in her deep tone was the most evident of that claim.  It’s just that awesome and is a force to be reckoned with.

The Video: The PV for Possession was an interesting one at that.  There were scenes that made me awe at her like in the more darker sets was really pretty and some of the close-ups in the white room were hot as hell.  Though it’s really just those two and the white room sticks out because she fake-playing on a keyboards that’s upside-down.  Add in the cool bass effects with the soundwaves and it’s a rather odd video but original in a slight way. 

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Simply?  It’s an epic debut song and one that catches that way I think sometimes which is most reasons why songs are on my iPhone to begin with.  JYONGRI just sounds great and puts a good amount of emotion in the song

3. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Technopolis

The Song: Technopolis is actually one of the oldest songs I have that is under J-pop (was released in 1979…wow that’s old).  Also it’s one of the few J-pop acts that I have that does instrumental music which this is one of them…really the only words spoken is ~Tokyo~ and spelling the title out.  Put all that with the whole 70’s techno sound and you get a rather interesting song that kind of sets it apart (even from today’s techno!)

The Video: It’s 1979, videos back then were of the kind of unusual cheese factor and with Technopolis, that seems to be true since it shows a lot of odd things like the 3 YMO members standing in front of a technologic future (basically all green screened).  Of course shots of Tokyo mixed with the bright neon-ness of the times and some fun speed up close shots of buildings.  Of course there’s scenes spliced in with the trio performing in front of this wild action in the background…Odd but nostalgic PV.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Well, to be honest I have to say that because of Aira Mitsuki’s homage to them in her “GALAXY BOY” PV, I kind of ended up loving this song for it’s rather futuristic drive (even though it is an instrumental at its purest form).  It just makes the future that much cooler sounding.

4. Madonna – Hung Up

The Song: As it’s the leading single from “Confessions On a Dance Floor”, Hung Up was a pretty good choice since it brought back the dance style for Madonna since she kind of abandoned it a little bit on her last album.  Hung Up is just catchy and has a crazy hook and beat that could make anyone tap their feet against.  Just a good song to dance to at a club!

The Video: Who knew boomboxes would cause people to randomly dance all over the place…like street corners, fish markets, and even trains.  That’s basically what’s happening in the MV.  Also, Madonna is dancing to it in her training studio which makes sense but damn for how old she is, she can still work it.  Fun little video that ends with everyone dancing in a club (or in Madonna’s case on top of a DDR machine XD

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of Madonna’s since I’m not, but I was a fan of this album and this song was the main reason I bought it!  That basically means, I love this song and gets me in a dancey mood when I need it!

5. Garbage – Parade

The Song: There’s something about Parade that surprises me.  I mean it’s not their usual post-grunge/punk rock style that I’m so accustomed to but it’s a lighter more…poppier tune from them and maybe that’s why I liked it.  Then again the lyrics were what caught me like ~As far as I can tell, it doesn’t matter you are when you can believe it’s something worth fighting for~.  Stuff like that, that just sticks to your head like that.  Just a solid and lyrical strong song.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett: Funny, I am a fan of Garbage but I didn’t know much of their stuff after their second album (this song comes from their 3rd) but I caught notice of it when it was a song used in ATV Offroad Fury 2 which I own and this was one of the few songs on there that I constantly repeat (at least until now since it’s on my iPhone and such!  Still, it’s a great song and fits in with the songs that fits me personally.