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Best & Worst of 2011: B-sides! January 6, 2012

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So likewise with the A-side posts, here we are with B-sides (you know the forgotten songs (for the most part)…so without further ado…let’s get into our list, starting with the ones that didn’t even make top 15!


  • Aki Misato – Lovers’ Sympathy (Saigo no Tabi)
  • Chiaki Takahashi – Juicy (Kon’ya wa Chupa♡Riko)
  • DiVA – Chika Suido (Cry)
  • faylan – Subarashii Sekai e (TOMOSHIBI)
  • GACKT – Ikitoshi Ikeru Subete ni Tsugu (Graffiti)
  • girl next door – Pure (Dada Para!!)
  • hinaco – Ameagari (Kaerimichi Diary)
  • LM.C – MAD or DIE (Hoshi no Arika.)
  • Mizca – Suki na no (1925)
  • Rie fu – Come on Come on ~Rie fu no Eikaiwa Kouza~ (For You)
  • School Food Punishment – Slide show (RPG)
  • SDN48 – Yaritagariya-san (Kudokinagara Azabu Juuban)
  • Shoko Nakagawa – Dangerous wild, you are! (Tsuyogari)
  • sphere – Feathering me, Y/N? (LET・ME・DO!!)
  • You Kikkawa – Fuyuzora Hanabi (Kikkake wa YOU!)

The 5 that just missed entry!

So this list wasn’t as hard to choose from this year considering the amount that was released lmao.  Dreamroid (Kimi+Nazo+Watashi de JUMP!!) was pretty unique for this new group out of I’ve Sound.  Mixes a little idol stuff with a little techno and we got such a great mix this year from LSP.  SPYAIR’s Crazy (Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)) was different from their other B-sides released this year and I have to say that I enjoyed this edgy yet synthy song from them!  I’m surprised that I’m finding myself putting a YUKI song on the list but her B-side, Dear.Mama (Hello!) was surprisingly really good.  I think it’s from how well her voice sounded and the pop/rock vibes…still a fun and lively little tune.  Secret (Tatoe Donna ni…) by Kanayan isn’t too much of a surprise since her secondary B-sides are mostly dance tracks but this one left the biggest mark this year than the others to be honest.  Finally Minako Kotobuki’s Colorful Diary (Dear my…) is kind of the same way I felt about YUKI’s song but more so because it was louder and more rockin’!

10. SDN48 – Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no Bell de Hiraku (Ai, Chuseyo)

Starting off this list of 10 is SDN48’s latin-infused B-side with the rather long name haha.  Tengoku no Door… was essentially the only good thing that came off this disappointing single.  I like the vocals here plus the latin guitars and brass just gave the song even more life.  Fun song and surprising (even for them) LOL.

9. DUSTZ – warning (spiral)

I will say that DUSTZ still do their best when their songs aren’t tied to anything.  However, warning (an English song) is quite something and it’s pretty hard and catchy at the same time.  Throw in some French and it kind of seems like a reverse “Criez” almost.  Very catchy actually and takes the #9 spot!

8. AKB48 – Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai (Uekara Mariko)

I didn’t think we were going to get another “Kurumi to Dialogue” but whenever Team A gets a song it’s always a winner because I love how different they sound against the other Teams.  Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai is pretty acoustic (not as much as like “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” but this is quite nice actually and caught me off guard.  Great B-side!

7. Tommy heavenly6 – I’M YOUR DEVIL HALLOWEEN REMIX (monochrome rainbow)

It’s crazy to think that a 10:31 track actually made the list but this song was humorous yet awesome at the same time!  Some people hate the introduction (which makes sense since it’s pretty long and doesn’t stand against the last Halloween song she’s done).  The main song though is edgy and pretty fierce though and I love Tomoko’s vocals for sure!  Long but I was very entertained the entire time through.

6. Namie Amuro – Higher (Sit!Still!Wait!Down!/Love Story)

Namie’s had a rather strong year of songs but one of her best came in the form of a B-side which is weird since I didn’t expect that from her.  I don’t know why but if Higher had a PV it would’ve been a continuation of her anime story she started back with “Dr.”.  It’s got a great synthy drive mixed in with catchy lyrics with Namie.  I loved it to be honest!

5. Akiko Hasegawa – Fateful Actor (Sourin no Pendulum)

I’m a sucker for jazz songs and I never expected Akiko to actually pull one off as she did.  I was just happy with the amount of brass and the swing of it all and was even more impressed at how well her vocals actually worked with the style.  It might be one of seiyuus but she has a kind of timber that just surprised me.  Just what I needed this year!

4. Berryz Koubou – Omoide (Ai no Dangan)

I don’t know why but Berryz has just amazed me this year because of everything they’ve done musically.  Omoide was a pretty awesome B-side even though to most, it sounded a little like “Heroine ni Narou ka!”.  Either way, the song is synthy and I’m enjoying the vocals here for sure!  Plus all the girls get lines WHEEEE!  I enjoyed this a lot!

3. lecca – Hinkou Housei (Right Direction)

lecca’s Hinkou Housei just sounds different from anything else I’ve heard this year.  It’s even harder to describe what kind of song it is.  All I know is is that it’s an upbeat tune and lecca sounds rather sexy in the song.  At the same time it kind of has small places of dubstep but at the same time just a lot of interesting moves…love it!

2. Yuya Matsushita – Secret Love (feat. BRIGHT, SHUN) (Paradise)

I think we all know Yuya’s upbeat dance stuff is quite epic and he hit a fever pitch with Secret Love with BRIGHT and SHUN as the featured artists and they brought it as well.  It’s just what Yuya needed even though most of the songs he released in the era were rather softer songs.  Just a damn good dance track!

1. Perfume – GLITTER (Spice)

There just no competition to best of the year in B-sides and Perfume managed to slip this gem out before their album with GLITTER (which I’m surprised is a B-side considering that we knew of it WAY before “Spice” actually.  It’s just so synthy and epic (though not as much as “edge” still) but it’s got an amazing arrangement and a fast tempo that just works.  Nakata still has tricks up his sleeves and it worked this year for the trio!!!! CONGRATS PERFUME!


Here is the worst list!!!!  There’s quite a bit hahaha.  Let’s get this over with right?

  • AAA – Sayonare no Yukue (Daiji na Koto)
  • AKB48 – Dakishimechaikenai (Flying Get)
  • AKB48 – Kimi no Senaka (Kaze wa Fuiteiru)
  • Aki Misato – PARANoIA (Spread Wings)
  • DIR EN GREY – Tsumi to Kisei (DIFFERENT SENSE)
  • faylan – HAPPY SOUL DANCE (Shuumatsu no Fractale)
  • Haruka Tomatsu – Orange☆Smoothie (Oh My God♥)
  • Hello! Project Mobekimasu – Moshimo… (Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku)
  • Koda Kumi – You are not alone (Ai wo Tomenaide)
  • Maon Kurosaki – Best friends (Memories Last)
  • Maria – Yuuhi (Deep into You)
  • Mizca – Delightfully (Rafiora)
  • Momoiro Clover Z – Santa-san (Roudou Sanka)
  • Not yet – Hirahira (Shuumatsu Not yet)
  • PASSPO☆ – Jaa ne… (ViVi Natsu)
  • Sayaka Kitahara – Gamushara (Yappa Seishun)
  • Shoko Nakagawa – Marshmallow (Sakurairo)
  • SuG – Kinishi Yankees (☆Gimme Gimme☆)
  • UVERworld – Kyouchi Mantra (CORE PRIDE)
  • You Kikkawa – Mizuiro (Hapirapi ~Sunrise~)
  • Yuya Matsushita – Yume de Aetara (Naturally)

The 5 that are pretty damn lucky right now!

Starting the list off, Gakkou Gakkou LIFE!! (Zzz) is kind of like its A-side since it’s uncharacteristically cute from Sayaka and just kind of annoying to listen to because of that.  Happy Kaleidoscope (KEY FOR LIFE) from Minori Chihara also shares the rather unusual side to Minorin as well but is vocally more problematic here tbh.  YuiKaori’s CUE the Future ~”Q” no Theme~ (Shooting☆Smile) also has vocal problems but it’s just so sugary cute that I can’t even take it much more anymore.  At least we went from all of the cuteness to something else with the other two tracks.  The problem with Love Rincho (Saigo no Koi) from HIROKO was not necessarily her fault but her producer who made the damn song sound like every other R&B tune out there which means it’s so bland and unoriginal…c’mon Miyahara…do something different!  Of course there’s not a lot of cover songs that I fully like, most are kind of crappy but damn I felt like Angela Aki’s cover of Creep (Hajimari no Ballad/I Have a Dream) just missed it by a mile.  Great vocals, no doubt but the emotions were too off the mark and just didn’t have the same idea the original had!

10. ClariS – Anata ni FIT (nexus)

Don’t get me wrong, the arrangement of Anata ni FIT is quite nice and such but if the vocal melody is really between three notes, it’s going to make for a rather bland and kind of useless song despite the music being really nice.  I’m really torn but I just can’t take the small note changes…oi ve.

9. Crystal Kay – Love Road (Superman)

As this was Kuri’s first single under UNI-J, The B-side off the single was surprisingly quite boring when compared to it’s A-side.  Kind of like HIROKO’s “Love Rincho”, the song kind of sounds like any other piano-fronted R&B ballad which is depressing for sure.  Just very bland here and kind of really forgettable.

8. Kie Kitano – Wishing on a star (Kizuna)

I just can’t listen to the song much because it was really cheesy and the arrangement felt like it was unfinished and kind of basic (even for Komuro here).  I mean it was lazy to reuse a melody in “No cry No more” but this was just ick-worthy.  Just wrong of a song!

7. AKB48 – Kiss Made 100 Mile (Sakura no Ki ni Narou)

I’m surprised that MINT would actually fail with their second song to be honest because their first song “Kimi ni Tsuite” was actually kind of nice.  However, when it came to the Kiss Made 100 Mile, they really fell through the floor because they sounded shitty in the song!  Same girls too!  what happened here?!?  Let’s not forget the music sounded rather too plain as well.


For being a 3 minute song, I didn’t expect to really dislike the song but the fact that RUKI is growling through most of it kind of turned me off and it just didn’t really connect with me much.  Plus it just seemed to be kind of odd for them (especially in the era it was in).  PASS!

5. access – Keep It (Share The Love)

I really wish why access has been sucking lately and Keep It is pretty much the lowest of the low of their current songs of the era (which has been a little too stretched out).  It sounds amazingly dated for one thing and Takami’s vocals are kind of a hinderence (plus it didn’t help that it was under filters either).  Just a bad idea all-around!

4. °C-ute – FARAWAY (Momoiro Sparkling)

FARAWAY by °C-ute is very problematic for me.  I just couldn’t handle the vocals in the song being more higher pitched.  Then again this rather reggae/ballad is kind of awkward of a style to begin with but still the vocals were very hard to take in for sure.  Like access’ song, it’s just awkward and bad at the same time…

3. Momoi Haruko – MOCO MOKO ROCK! (Ganbare…Sore wa, I Love You)

I could give props that she did more of a rock song, but damn Momoi really killed this song with her vocals which are downright terrible.  Way too much of that cutesy voice and it’s very pitchy and just doesn’t work with the style of the song PERIOD!  ICKY!!!

2. Momoiro Clover – Deko Mayu-en no Saishuu Kessen (Akarin e Okuru Uta)

They are so lucky they didn’t make the bottom of the list again!  Think of “Z Densetsu” but make it a whole lot worse and we get this flaming piece of crap here.  I really don’t know what was going on but there wasn’t a whole lot of serious singing nor did it help them at all…just a whole lot of yelling from this viewpoint. 

1. Sukima Switch – Human relations (Saigo no Hi)

I wonder if anyone can tell me the reasoning for this B-side on “Saigo no Hi”.  I mean seriously it’s 9 minutes long first off which is absurdly long (for a B-side that is) but only piano and lead singer Takuya TALKING THE ENTIRE TIME…WTF…this is just useless as a B-side and just doesn’t make sense to me why they’d spend 9 minutes on this when we could’ve had music!…YEAH THIS IS WHY IT’S THE WORST B-SIDE OF THE YEAR




2 Responses to “Best & Worst of 2011: B-sides!”

  1. OMG, totally agree with the B-sides of SDN48, Shokotan, and gnd.

  2. Winnie Says:

    Yay, Matsuhita Yuya and Perfume are at the top! XD

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