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Kyarypamyupamyu – Tsukema Tsukeru January 12, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Tsukema Tsukeru
  2. Kyary ANAN
  3. Cherry Bonbon (extended)

1. Tsukema Tsukeru

As this is Kyary’s first A-side, I was wondering if we would get something ridiculous like “PONPONPON” or something that’s rather forgetable like the rest of that mini-album but Tsukema Tsukeru is actually quite memorable but it’s definitely no “PONPONPON”.  At least I can tell from the verses to the chorus a lot more easier this time around.  Some of it reminds me of capsule’s “idol fancy”, mainly through the instrumental.  Very cutesy and is peppy but at the same time true to Kyary.

2. Kyary ANAN

Unfortunately, Kyary ANAN also gave radical “idol fancy” vibes which is a bit unusual to have in both songs but this one is a bit more blatant with it.  Sadly, the song kind of annoys me to no end because it’s repetition done wrong IMO.  I will say the music is what saved it from being an utter disgrace since I found the surfer guitar solo odd but cool.  Still if it wasn’t so hyped on the whole repeating shtick, it might’ve been better (but also VERY short without it).

3. Cherry Bonbon (extended)

A minute and twenty seconds was added to the original to make it…well extended and otherwise the same as the original.  So in basic logic, if you like the original, you might like the extended version as well.  Luckily, the song has grown on me since and the longer version does sound good but the original is just pinpoint and doesn’t need extra music to make it better.



As this is her first single, I thought Tsukema Tsukeru is an alright place to start.  The lead track is catchy and follows “PONPONPON” quite nicely but not as random or epic either lol.  Sadly the Cherry Bonbon extension wasn’t really needed and I much listen to the original version.  Even worse was Kyary ANAN which is just borderline very annoying.  Maybe her next single will be better!


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