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What’s On Brett’s iPhone?: WEEK 3 January 15, 2012

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Let’s see what this week of January brings!

1. capsule – KEEP HOPE ALIVE

The Song: As one of the really cool songs from “WORLD OF FANTASY”, KEEP HOPE ALIVE really does remind me of something Daft Punk would’ve pulled (especially on that “TRON OST”.  Just relaxing and I’m surprised they did let this promote the album since the title and song would’ve been a good pick-me-up during Japan’s tragedy.

Why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: There’s really something hypnotic about the song to me and whenever I listen to it, it kind of takes me out and really is that atmospheric song that they do best on.

2. Meisa Kuroki – Wired Life

The Song: As the replacement ending theme for 2PM’s “Take off” it was going to be tough to top that but I honestly loved Wired Life a lot for both an anime song and a song from Meisa. 

The Video: The song was mysterious and in some places had a sexual kind of groove (the verses mind you).  The video keeps the myterious glow of it alive which is great and seeing Meisa is always a treat because she’s a beautiful lady!  The water was cool and so was the projections on her back as well…Unfortunately, there was one fault and it was the last chorus where she decides to do choreography…and it was AWKWARD as hell!  Besides that, it was a pretty looking video to me!

Why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Considering that I loved all the themes (opening and ending) from Ao no Exorcist, it was a given that Wired Life was going to be on here…plus it’s one of my favorite Meisa tunes as well!

3. Perfume – Monochrome Effect

The Song: Found in their indies era with Nakata, Monochrome Effect is very different from the Perfume we know today…actually this is more idol-like than most of their discography which is cool and all that.  Most people in the states would know of this song through American Dad…odd but yes…Japanese Funk right?

The Video: Like the songs of their early days, the PVs were also a little oddballs compared to “Linear Motor Girl” to nowadays.  Monochrome Effect’s PV didn’t exactly have a plot but it was entertaining to watch all of it!  From shark submarines, to pretending to play actual instruments, to Kashi’s glorious disaster that’s called her HAIR!  Of course there was some kaleidoscope effects as well which added to the already random PV.  It’s a fun and cute video for them.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: It isn’t because of American Dad that got me adding the song.  I actually really liked it prior to that episode (but I will say it made me all giddy inside hearing it on my TV).  It’s such a cute song and there’s just no way people can hate it (well maybe the vocals…but it was indies Perfume…what could you do?).

4. The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow

The Song: After the goodness that was “Monkey Business” died down, I was wondering when our quarted of awesomeness would release something new and in came the main song before the album’s release and it just stuck to me like glue!

The Video: I’m still to this day rather baffled by their music videos and the one for Boom Boom Pow is definitely one of those few.  I mean it has all four members doing their thing but everything else is futuristic and crazy and kind angular XD.  The dancers were weird doing different things which was cool and one of the more easier things to follow.  The rest was with dangerous symbols turned into not so bad stuff and that was cool…as with the digital effects that were put on will.i.am, Fergie, Taboo, and Apl.  Fits the song’s atmosphere quite well LOL

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I love BEP that’s for sure and Boom Boom Pow exceeded my expectations and came through with a futuristic, yet sleek dance track that worked in the favor of all the members (mainly Fergie though because she belted her parts well!).  It’s just a song you can’t go wrong with xD

5. P!NK – Please Don’t Leave Me

The Song: I mean yeah this song kind of sounds desperate and all that but P!NK has a way with songs that just seem to make that seem brighter and yet really pleasant to listen to right? 

The Video: P!NK is also known for her VERY humorous music videos and she doesn’t fail with this one either.  Making a big homage to Steven King’s “Misery”, she basically traps her lover (or I guess ex-lover) in her house and basically tortures him all over the place XD  It’s hilarious watching P!NK be the bad person and she goes all the way to keep this guy around (though hitting the guy’s ankle with a golf club is always classy).  However, in the end the guy wins by spraying pepper spray in her face, she stumbles back and slips on marbles and falls down to the first floor XD.  Then she does such a random thing and gives a kiss out to the camera (kind of like haha….GOTCHA!).  Funny video and gives the song an eviler twist of obsessive proportions XD.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I’m pretty sure the music video had something to do with it but I also like the song’s sort-of sad yet trying to win back the guy feeling it has.  Something I wouldn’t expect P!NK to pull but I’m happy she did!






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So here starts the final three posts of the albums category starting with singluar songs (meaning they aren’t from singles…originally from albums).  So let’s get it started!


  • 2PM – Unmei (REPUBLIC OF 2PM)
  • Angela Aki – Honesty (WHITE)
  • °C-ute – Midnight Temptation (Chou WONDERFUL!⑥)
  • capsule – I WILL (WORLD OF FANTASY)
  • eufonius – Cyclation (Phonon)
  • FLOPPY – Everyday (Over Technology)
  • GIRL NEXT DOOR – Yume no Katana (Destination)
  • KARA – Only For You (Super Girl)
  • Koda Kumi – Choi Tashi Life (Dejavu)
  • Kou Shibasaki – Parallel World Reading (CIRCLE CYCLE)
  • Natsuko Aso – Tokimeki☆Traveler (Precious tone)
  • Piko – Piko Piko☆Legend of the Night (1PIKO)
  • pLumsonic! – Ginga Patrol (U・RA・HA・RA Rouge)
  • Sakura Gakuin / BABYMETAL – Doki Doki☆Morning (Sakura Gakuin 2010 ~message~
  • Stereopony – Bibara Bibara (More! More!! More!!!)

Yeah, you know the drill bout these 5!

So the 5 that missed the cut is kind of surprising actually!  Starting with Momosu’s song Give me Ai (12, Smart), this song was still in the veins of Emomosu, but it’s still rather strong and left the biggest mark on me from the album actually!  Meisa at first didn’t surprise me with her album but as time flew out in the year, one song of hers actually made a mark on me and that was BYE BYE MY FRIEND (MAGAZINE).  It has this 80’s dance feel to it and I loved it!  Gocchin’s What is LOVE (Ai Kotoba (VOICE)) was one of my favorite club bangers this year…just heavy and unique to her gotta love that!  Even though this album was kind of a failure, AAA’s Digest (Buzz Communication) was oddly upbeat and and kind of a little cheezy (especially the chorus) but it was still one of the great songs this year IMHO.  Finally, MAA’s song in King&Queen&Kiz (BubbleMan Engine) is all kinds of random spliced into a song and it somehow worked for her!  YEAH! this was a good song as well!!!!

10. Daichi Miura – Black Hole (D.M.)

Ironic that Daichi is once again #10 for singular album songs of the year.  Back in 2009, it was with “Who’s The Man”…not it’s 2011 and he’s done it again with the promotional song with Black Hole.  Some people might disagree with this because it is jagged between a regular dance/pop track and dubstep…but I thought it flowed as nice as it could without being too rough and awkward. 


After having a rather tough start with listening to MISIA, I’ve concluded that sometimes she can pull ballads off VERY WELL…but this year (and a little of last year) she’s pulled off upbeat stuff like it’s nothing!  THIS IS ME was an epic choice to choose for being the promotional song.  It’s edgy, upbeat and let’s not forget MISIA’s awesome vocals.  Plus the PV was kind of interesting in its own way hehehe.

8. Aira Mitsuki×Saori@destiny – WOWTOWN (×~PARK OF THE SAFARI)

Aira and Saori…it took them long enough to have them collaborate and they somehow created this gem on the album!  WOWTOWN is another one of those blast from the past kind of songs and it’s even cooler that the song keeps mentioning big 80’s hits!  It’s fun danceable and still shows that Terukado has tricks in his sleeves.

7. YuiKaori – Puppy Love!! (Puppy)

Ok, I know I’m kind of being odd about this choice seeing as “Shooting☆Smile” was the worst single and all that (plus my already low fandom of them) BUUUUT, Puppy Love!! is friggin pure and unadulterated cuteness DONE RIGHT!  I still feel like it sounds like an intro to some early 90’s cartoon.  This is 2011’s guiltiest pleasure RIGHT HERE!


I know I put “I WILL” on the list that didn’t make the top 15, but I still pretty much prefer STRIKER to it for sure.  I mean it’s not as jaw-dropping as “JUMPER” or “The Music” but it’s still a song that just hypnotizes you and forces ya to dance.  I really think it’s just a cool and heavy piece (ala my normal capsule club banger) XD

5. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Kodou no Himitsu (Kodou no Himitsu)

I know it was released as a recut single and I much prefer that since it doesn’t have that useless album-only introduction….but it did originate here and the PV was promoting the album.  Kodou no Himitsu was the start of a new ballsy style and it’s working for them because they lept bounds on this tune.  It’s catchy and has pretty good vocals throughout actually!  Plus, the pseudo-goth PV it got was a nice and unique vid, I must say!

4. Maon Kurosaki – Emergence! (Butterfly Effect)

I wasn’t expecting a Maon song to actually have impressed as much as Emergence! did but somehow it got here.  Kind of does remind me of “Memories Last” but at the same time, exceeds it for sure.  I’m just loving her mix of rock and synths which is awesome.  Definitely one of the best songs to remember this year!

3. Genki Rockets – Curiosity (GENKI ROCKETS II -No border between us-)

Even though I knew it was released digitally first, I still think it deserves a spot since it was found more easily on the album actually.  The project finally hit the right spot with me with the song Curiosity!  I mean I know it’s a song sung entirely in English but it’s still makes the list for me.  I mean it’s breezy yet dance-heavy and has such uplifting lyrics that it’s hard not to love the song.  Another gem this year!

2. Nami Tamaki – My Style (Ready)

Kind of forgotton amongst the other releases this year, there was one sung that stuck to me like glue and it’s by my favorite artist!  Even though she didn’t take the #1 spot, My Style was really catchy and was the closest she was getting to her old SONY sound.  It was just that song to tell me that Nami hasn’t lost all of her awesomeness!

1. ONE OK ROCK – Mr. Gendai Speaker (Zankyo Reference)

Number 1 this year was no surprise to me actually and it really was ONE OK ROCK’s year in 2011.  I mean who knew they would end up on my lists this year right?  Mr. Gendai Speaker was definitely the crowning moment in album songs this year.  I mean if there was anything to rival “Re:make”…it was this all-around epic song!  Just heavy, in your face and Taka really has the vocals to just blast away with this song…Congrats ONE OK ROCK!


So this year also produced some stinkers so let’s go through em shall we?

  • AAA – STEP (Buzz Communication)
  • AKB48 – Ningyo no Vacances (Koko ni Ita Koto)
  • AYUSE KOZUE – Still In Love (U&I)
  • Chihiro Onitsuka – WANNA BE A HAPPY WARRIOR (Ken to Kaede)
  • Haruka Shimotsuki – Kaleidoscope (Hoshizora Ensemble)
  • Maon Kurosaki – Baby☆maybe (Butterfly Effect)
  • Maria – love again? feat. Dohzi-T (MERCI VOX)
  • NIKIIE – little summer (*(NOTES))
  • Plastic Tree – I Love You So (ammonite)
  • POLYSICS – Don’t Cry (Oh! No! It’s Heavy Polysick!!!)
  • Safarii – Natsu no Owari, Koi no Owari (Mou Ichido Waraeru Kara)
  • Sakura Gakuin / sleepiece – Medaka no Kyoudai (Sakura Gakuin 2010 ~message~)
  • Sukima Switch – Mata ne. (musium)
  • Suneohair – Ii Desho (Suneohair)
  • TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Attack Hyper Beat POP (Kodou no Himitsu)

The 5 So-called lucky ones!

So it seems there was just as much bad as there was good I guess right?  Well, starting off is PASSPO☆’s Material Girl (CHECK-IN).  It started off ok, but then it just went down the drain as soon as that annoying ass chorus popped up.  It was just not cool.  BREAKERZ also had a rather bad song this year with the closer, Destruction (GO).  It’s edgy yes, but it was also annoying with how much DAIGO was butching the title…it was just sad!  Masshiroi Ano Kumo (7 Berryz Times) from Berryz Koubou was just a typical H!P ballad and it was plain and unoriginal to be honest…ick.  Piko did try do at least make a good sounding ballad with Koishikute (1PIKO) but it all came crashing down when his vocals took over…it was BAAAD.  Finally, we get into the #11 spot with Yui Sakakibara’s Blue Horizon (Ringing) and the same thing could be said about it like I did with Piko’s song.  Good arrangement but poor ass vocals…

10. D – Black Swan (VAMPIRE SAGA)

Starting off the 10 worst, D kicks thing off early in 2011 with Black Swan.  There’s just something about it that really made me cringe.  I mean it reminds me of “Toki no Koe” in the fact that there’s so much growling it just gives ya a headache.  I barely understood what ASAGI was growling about anyways…meh.

9. KOKIA – Mou Ichido… (moment)

Way too relaxed is a bad thing and that follows this song from beginning to end.  If there weren’t so much “relaxing” songs on that album this probably wouldn’t have made the list but considering the thing that happened and Mou Ichido… is the final song…it was the hatchet at my neck…just too damn boring for me!

8. Sakanaction – Ryuusen (DocumentaLy)

Same thing can be said about Ryuusen from Sakanaction’s album, DocumentaLy.  It was really long and mostly instrumental with sparse vocals here and there.  It just felt like white noise to me the entire 6+ minutes.  Might spark a few people but to me, lacked energy for me.

7. FLOPPY – Jikuu Holon (Over Technology)

As short as Jikuu Holon was, it was a minute and a half of messy MESSY work from the duo.  I mean the music was all over the place and kind of rushed as well.  Poor Sharaku was also covered up by the amalgation of everything going on as well…it just was rubble (especially since most of the other songs was nice).

6. Asriel – Sekiki Chou wa Yami yo ni Kiete (Oratorium)

Funny though, while FLOPPY’s singer was actually covered too much, I kind of wanted KOKOMI to have been covered up in Sekiki Chou wa Yami yo ni Kiete.  She has a voice that’s love or hate and in this song it pushes it WAYYYY into the hate zone.  It’s very high pitched and she’s abusing vibrato like it’s nothing…and the hope it had with the arrangement.

5. Chara – Dark Candy (Dark Candy)

To have a title track on the worst is quite something since most of the time they’re the best…It’s just a very oddball song for her and add on her wacky tone and nasally yelling parts, it’s like WHY THE TORTURE!  I just couldn’t believe this was a title track (and that there were better songs off the album xD).

4. Kou Shibasaki – Focus (CIRCLE CYCLE)

For a song to be titled Focus, it surely lacks A LOT OF THAT here.  I mean it starts off ok, but as time passes by the song just keeps getting brash and messy and really loses what it initially started with…it’s so odd how that worked…even weirder how she let this song pass…

3. ON/OFF – Christmas Carol no Koro ni wa (Legend of Twins II -Zoku Futago Densetsu-)

I know this was a recent addition but it sure earned its placing.  Christmas Carol no Koro ni wa could’ve have been shelved off since it was a bonus track for the album (and could’ve saved us from this tragicness) but here we are with a song that just sounds like it could be sung by Arashi, NYC, Sexy Zone (shudders)….basically it has JE written all over it and I’m not liking it one bit on a duo signed to SONY…


Yep, the original version of YOU also managed to find its spot on the list.  The single version is slightly better because of the added strings…but that was a small and tiny hop above the original.  Both still are sleep-inducing BOREFESTS if I ever heard one.  To think YOU was also a title song…jeeze…I’m just getting tired writing about it!

1. the GazettE – PSYCHOPATH (TOXIC)

Worst album song of the year goes to the GazettE and their gloriously terrible song, PSYCHOPATH.  It’s kind of like how I felt about D’s “Black Swan” with the icky growling…BUUUUT PSYCHOPATH takes it further, including yelling and a VERY rage-like atmosphere.  Might work live since it’ll create most pits easily…but for casual listening, this was THE HEADACHE of the year!!!





Buono! – Hatsukoi Cider/DEEP MIND

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Track Listing

  1. Hatsukoi Cider
  3. Hatsukoi Cider (Instrumental)
  4. DEEP MIND (Instrumental)

1. Hatsukoi Cider

I thought it started off nicely with Airi having the solo intro but it grows into a rather mid-tempo kind of song.  I’m liking the acoustic guitar arrangement (which is a step-up from “Natsu Dakara!”) and the chorus is pretty memorable and it works for the drama its tied into.  I’m actually really liking the song and Airi, Momoko, and Miyabi sound great as well.  YAY!


Finally we get DEEP MIND which we pretty much knew about since shortly after “partenza’s” release.  Unlike “Hatsukoi Cider”, DEEP MIND is a bit more rockin’ and sounds a little more serious as well which worked for me.  Kind of edgy, you might say which is somethnig they needed.  I even hear a little bit of auto-tune used as well which threw me for a loop as well.  Still pretty cool!



Buono! is back and with a rather strong single to begin 2012.  Hatsukoi Cider is what I would have liked “Natsu Dakara!” been but alas that wasn’t gonna happen and we got this ^_^.  It’s just a catchy and light song and it worked to their favor.  DEEP MIND while it took forever for us to finally get a clear version, is also good and fills the harder edged gap to Buono!.  Overall, pretty good and solid single from the trio!!!