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ikimono-gakari – Itsudatte Bokura wa January 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Itsudatte Bokura wa
  2. Akai Kasa
  3. Itsudatte Bokura wa -instrumental-
  4. Akai Kasa -instrumental-

1. Itsudatte Bokura wa

I’m enjoying ikimono’s more upbeat songs as of recent and with their A-side for Itsudatte Bokura wa.  It sounds really happy but not to the point where it’s just happy happy.  I’m loving Kiyoe’s enthusiasm the most of the song as she gives a rather great performance.  Even throwing brass in the mix helped the song give more color!  Impressed…they haven’t disappointed me at all in the era.

2. Akai Kasa

While it isn’t as energetic as “Itsudatte Bokura wa”, Akai Kasa is still upbeat and has a rather happy flow to it that made me sway my head back and forth.  However, it doesn’t have a very memorable sound to it and kind of seems forgetful (though it does remind me of other songs of theirs).  Not their best, but certainly not their worst.



As the third and final single representing their upcoming “NEWTRAL” album, ikimono-gakari still is releasing rather good A-sides and with Itsudatte Bokura wa, it’s one of their best upbeat songs but I’m not sure where it lies since all their A-sides were impressive.  Akai Kasa is alright, but their B-sides usually aren’t all that great….hmmm weird LOL.


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