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Kie Kitano – Darl:orz January 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Darl:orz
  2. It’s All Right
  3. Darl:orz (Instrumental)
  4. It’s All Right (Instrumental)

1. Darl:orz

I’m surprised Kie would opt for an upbeat A-side with the first A-side in her sophomore era, Darl:orz (what?).  The tune is kind of a nice change from her rather soft singles but I also found myself enjoying Kie’s vocals since their deeper and she was allowed to have a little more fun as the atmosphere is poppy.  Kind of like IMALU-ish.  I actually enjoyed this and marks a great change for Kie’s sound.

2. It’s All Right

The B-side though was a surprise because unlike “Darl:orz’s” rather pop/rock/synth hybrid, It’s All Right is more synth heavy which is also an interesting change which is nice.  It reminds me of another song somewhere…but this is really good surprisingly.  Kind of pretty much fitting with the good upbeat songs she has already.



It seems that she left Komuro’s wings to work with different producers for her first single for her sophomore era (or it might show up on her upcoming mini-album) but Darl:orz is a pretty damn solid single!  Both songs are great but I loved the B-side just a smidge more.  I can’t wait to see how this era plays out now!