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SNoW – Sakasama no Chou January 23, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Sakasama no Chou
  2. night light
  3. BleacH (English Version)

1. Sakasama no Chou

After her last A-side, I wasn’t expecting more of a sullen and a dead serious song from SNoW, but it worked because her vocals just seem to work fully with the mostly acoustic sound of Sakasama no Chou.  She just sounds great in this song and mixing a lot of English and Japanese together.  Might not be as great as “Hanabi Made Ato Sukoshi” but this is a rather strong follow-up!

2. night light

The B-side on the other hand is a little more different and stands out a lot more than “Sakasama no Chou” by being on the verge of being R&B and a ballad but that’s quite alright actually.  Once again, her vocals seem to be the main core of why the song is good…but there’s also some things in the arrangement that is cool like the background stuff.  Yeah this is what should’ve been the leading song!

3. BleacH (English Version)

I’m not sure what this is an English version of persay…that is until I see that the Japanese version is on her “Hatsuyuki” album.  I have to say I’m liking this song as well even though it kind of has the same instruments that was in “Sakasama no Chou”.  At least it’s a bit more upbeat in a sense.  There is a little accent in SNoW’s English here as well but it’s kind of cute and made the song more interesting.  I liked it, can’t wait to hear the JPN version.



SNoW’s second major single is a little under her debut but it’s still a great single overall.  I will say that night light and the English version of BleacH left more of an impression than the leading song.  Solid single overall!


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