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Aki Toyosaki – music January 24, 2012

Filed under: Aki Toyosaki — solarblade @ 12:37 am

Track Listing

  1. music
  2. anniversary
  3. music (Instrumental)

1. music

I thought it was rather interesting to see that Aki would begin her sophomore era with more of the same cutesy yet upbeat song once again.  To be honest, I didn’t think her vocals were unusually bad like I did in the last era either which is a good thing for her.  I’m loving the strings and piano though, it gives the song a jovial and bouncy feel and that made me bob my head to the music.  Good A-side!

2. anniversary

The B-side is kind of more cuter than “music” funny enough!  Sadly, I’m not into the song as much despite the joyous atmosphere.  The music actually sounds like it’s from a game (Mario Sunshine anyone?).  The thing I didn’t like though was Aki’s vocals which were super airy and high which makes just a tad bit too cute for my tastes. 



As this starts her second era, music was surprisingly a good A-side for sure.  I mean the song was good and her voice actually suited it better than her A-sides before.  anniversary though is just a tad bit cute and annoying for me.  Yeah, the A-side is good, the B-side not-so good LOL.


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