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KOKIA – Memorial days January 24, 2012

Filed under: KOKIA — solarblade @ 5:49 pm

Track Listing

  1. Memorial days
  2. 0 Kara no Hajimari
  3. Memorial days (Instrumental)
  4. 0 Kara no Hajimari (Instrumental)

1. Memorial days

As a theme for the GUNDAM series, I was kind of excited to hear Memorial days, though I wasn’t expecting something so quiet to come from KOKIA (especially after “New Day, New Life”).  It’s really light and it has KOKIA singing in a higher pitch than I’m used to which is different but she sounds OK.  It’s nice that more instruments join in after a while with just her and piano.  I’m just not really into the song as much as her other A-side.

2. 0 Kara no Hajimari

The B-side unfortunately goes in the same direction as “Memorial days” as a ballad but she sounds a little better here actually.  I’m stull bummed that it’s still essentially piano before underlying strings join in but I preferred this to be the leading song to be honest. 



Boring single is kind of boring here and I had rather high hopes for this single to be honest.  Neither Memorial days and 0 Kara no Hajimari really spoke to me and she clearly has better ballads in her repetoire to throw out so I’m rather surprised that it just didn’t work.


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