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KOKIA – New Day, New Life January 24, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. New Day, New Life
  2. life ~Seimei no Hibiki~
  3. New Day, New Life (without vocal)
  4. life ~Seimei no Hibiki~ (without vocal)

1. New Day, New Life

Ohhhh, this is interesting that New Day, New Life sounds breezy and quite pretty from KOKIA.  I have to say that I love these kind of songs and she actually blew me away with this one because while it has this hopeful and bright feel, I can’t helped but be lulled away by KOKIA’s soft vocals in both verses and choruses.  It might not be epic KOKIA, but this is just as good and I’m loving this track!

2. life ~Seimei no Hibiki~

The B-side though is a bit of a surprise because it starts with some male, talking.  I’m not sure what language she’s singing but it’s definitely different and is a giant switch from the breezy “New Day, New Life”.  It kind of reminds me of the stuff on “REAL WORLD” but upbeat and I’m enjoying this as well.  It’s really good!  Maybe something off of “pieces” as well!



As this is the first of three simultaneously released singles, New Day, New Life has raised my interest a full jump for sure.  The leading song was bright and poppy but not so much that it’s tasteful…however the main star is life ~Seimei no Hibiki~!  It’s just so unique and fresh for KOKIA and she sounds AMAZING in it.  Though I still wonder what language she’s singing because I know it can’t be Japanese.  Now I’m curious to how “Memorial days” and “Hikari wo Kasanete” will sound! *RECOMMENDED*


8 Responses to “KOKIA – New Day, New Life”

  1. OMG! Where did you obtain it? I haven’t found it D:

  2. Well, so I heard it and it’s amazing, both songs were amazing the second one was like WTF! when the voice entered out of nowhere but then just epicness until the end.
    The other single was alright I liked how Kokia sang but was too simple from what I heard.
    Now I’m just missing her other single ^_^

  3. John Says:

    Anybody want to translate the lyrics to “New Day, New Life” for me? I just started learning Japanese and would like to know what she is singing about…

  4. Cybuster_God_of_Wind Says:

    Like both songs, but I might just go with the B-side on this one.

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