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Larval Stage Planning – Trip -innocent of D- January 26, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Trip -innocent of D-
  2. Chapter.5
  3. Trip -innocent of D- (off vocal)
  4. Chapter.5 (off vocal)

1. Trip -innocent of D-

I was surprised at LSP’s second A-side haha.  It’s not like their debut where it was all sorts of cute.  Actually it was quite the opposite hahah.  It’s a bit more rock based and we hear natural voices from the trio and surprisingly…they have great vocals which is a total surprise for me.  As for the song, it’s your typical animu theme which isn’t surprising given the whole I’ve Sound style (though not the synth style sadly).  It’s not that amazing and it is kind of lacking in areas where it needs to be buffed up…but it’s not so bad.

2. Chapter.5

I was curious to the B-side since I liked their last one, “Dreamroid” quite a lot.  Now when I mentioned the normal synth style of I’ve Sound, I wasn’t expecting to have the B-side actually be that so I’m really happy to see that here.  It really does sound like a song MELL and Mami Kawada would’ve sang but it works well Airi, Nami, and Rin.  Actually hearing the three together kind of throws a dejavu to Kalafina…but not as sharp.  Definitely the more impressive song.



Just like their debut single, Trip is overcome by the fact that its B-side is ten times more exciting.  To me, Trip just kind of fades into the background since it is just a typical animu-styled song which lacks more things than it should.  Chapter.5 however is pretty cool and fills in the gap of I’ve Sound being rather quite in recent times.  Maybe their third single can get this style to be a leading song and not waste it up on some bland track.


BREAKERZ – Miss Mystery

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Track Listing

  1. Miss Mystery
  2. Mr. Yes Man
  3. Sekai wa Odoru ~Acoustic Version~

1. Miss Mystery

BREAKERZ has been gradually getting more exciting and better with their A-sides and I’m really enjoying the hell out of Miss Mystery.  It doesn’t have a straightforward style which is good for them and stops from blandness.  It does seem like it’s a lighter version of “LAST†PRAY” with it’s darker-tinged atmosphere.  The chorus is a bit more poppier than it which is the biggest difference.  I thought a lot of the song sound great and so does DAIGO.  Solid start for a new era, I’ll say ^_^

2. Mr. Yes Man

The B-side lets the energy move a little more freely and it reminds me of their more older songs plus “GRAND FINALE”.  It’s actually pretty good and DAIGO doesn’t stress his vocals here, but I will say the verses are going to take a little time to get used to since DAIGO’s vocals sound a little unusual being more quiet and deeper.  What’s with the chanting of ~yes we can~?  This isn’t Bob the Builder guys…..All in all, it’s a fun song to listen to but not one of their better songs.

3. Sekai wa Odoru ~Acoustic Version~

Last but not least, we get an acoustic version of their 2nd A-side in Sekai wa Odoru.  Since we had two singles without an acoustic take of any song, seeing a new one on Miss Mystery was nice.  I actually like this version even though I haven’t heard the original.  It’s just super pleasant to listen to and AKIHIDE (I think….maybe SHUNPEI) played the guitars quite well against DAIGO’s vocals.  Impressive and is one of their best acoustic renditions yet.



BREAKERZ begins their 6th era with a pretty good single in Miss Mystery.  The leading song is energetic and a tad dark but enough to make it pop out and that’s why I liked about it.  However, the main star of the single has to be the acoustic take of Sekai wa Odoru…that was just pretty!  Mr. Yes Man is the weakest but makes sense since it’s just B-side material…Overall good start!


Super Mario Kart

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Ahhh, the game that started a new series of an already-existing one.  I mean side-games btw.  Super Mario Kart was released and it became one of the better SNES games for its interesting take on a racer (but I think we all know it was popular because Mario was involved).  It was also using the Mode 7 tech which gave the game a lot more to work with. 


It’s not bad that the first game of the series only had 8 characters: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong Jr., Peach (though going by Princess Toadstool) and the oddest one IMO was Koopa Troopa.  They were all split off into 4 sub-groups, Mario & Luigi being the beginner, average characters, Yoshi & Peach were more of the ones with better acceleration that the Mario Bros.  Toad and Koopa were super light and DK and Boweser were the heavyweights. 

Also the CPU in this game couldn’t use items themselves which is odd >.> and gave a couple unique items instead.  Mario/Luigi had invincibility for a short time like the Star power.  Peach and Toad had mushrooms that turned your (or any kart that ran into it) into miniature versions and can be squashed XD.  Koopa laid green shells or shot them depending on placement and DK with bananas.  Bowser and Yoshi though had unique items though…Bowser had fireballs which he laid or shot forward and they go in a small circle round the area it was placed.  Yoshi’s egg was stationary but both items spun you out…which by the way…


Let’s talk about the items.  Like any kart racer out, they share a lot of the same type of items.  I mean Mushroom for extra speed, banana peels and green shells act as traps (the latter moving).  Red shells homed in on the opponent in front of you (if you have any) and the Star made you temporarily invincible.  There were three other interesting items though.  The Boo makes you go invisible and possibly steal your opponents item (SWEET).  The lightning bolt shrinks everyone BUT the user and the forgotten feather just makes your kart hop super high (AKA making shortcuts happen). 

Of course coins also come into play as well since the more you have the better you are.  If you have none at the moment any kart that comes in contact will spin you out so be careful with that!


I find it interesting as SMK is the only game from the series to have 4 cups with 5 tracks in each of them…kind of odd nowadays when compared to multiple releases after this.  As far as locales go this also has the weakest assortment IMO since there’s some recycled areas (ok every locale has at least two tracks representing it except for Rainbow Road).  Also, sharing with MK: Super Circuit, all of the tracks are FLAT but this was just because it was limited to be honest, so the creativity in the tracks isn’t as great as later releases show (and most of the tracks were given new facelifts in the later games too).  I will say, the Special Cup tracks were the best of the bunch.


Simple, it’s a racer and you have to win.  Though I will say every Mario Kart has a different feel to it and this one is honestly the easiest one to get into because there’s no true importance to it.  I mean you still drift but not in the way it was implemented in 64 and up.  The game does have a little problem with its A.I. called rubberbanding.  Kind of means that the harder the cc is, the more obvious it is.  What that is is if you’re too far ahead the CPU will ungodly chase your ass down and prevent you from winning (unless you’re good at this game and used to it). 

Graphics / Sound

  • Graphics: So as I said earlier, it’s under Mode 7 which is a rather unique mode of graphics which induced a 3d-like scene…but in 2D….A couple other games used this (like the other Nintendo racer F-Zero).  I have to say, it worked well for sure and it worked.  There was a way that if you won a time trial without hitting walls or falling off…you could swing the camera around the kart….it was awesome at the time!  Otherwise, there wasn’t too much to gawk at besides the bright colors.  Characters looked stiff and didn’t do much in their kart…hmmph weird. 
  • Sound: Sound though was a plus here IMO.  I mean I can remember the exact way the Mario Circuit theme went and most of the characters winning themes (the only one the had character-specific win themes actually).  The tracks songs are great and all of them are actually memorable in its own way. 

Other Things To Do

Well…let’s be honest there’s not a lot to do in this game…just 4 things….

  • Cup Races: Like I said split into 4 cups each having 5 tracks isn’t going to last long but you can race them in 50cc, 100cc, 150cc.  Meaning the higher the cc the harder it gets (it’s a well known sentiment in the series),
  • Time Trials: Get your best time here!  There’s even times where you can race a ghost of yourself which is pretty cool and makes you want to defeat yourself in the race.
  • VS. Races: Actually this could’ve been put above time trials…but essentially 2P races.  Though I think you could also do singularly too…?
  • Battle Mode: Though if you have a second person with you, you’re more than likely to find yourself here where you can battle your friend.  It’s essentially pop ur friend’s three balloons before he/she does and vice versa.  Having only four choices though of battle courses kind of suck…but the Ice one and Beach one is the best! 



As it is the first of a happy series (especially for Nintendo’s sales) SMK was such a smart move for them to be honest and really blew the kart racer genre out.  I mean it brought out another GREAT one but that’s a different review for later.  The original Mario Kart might not be as held on a high pedestal as before but it’s still a pretty fun game.  I will say that the flat tracks is probably one of the reasons (same problems goes with Super Circuit but that one is the least popular).  Nostalgic game for sure ^_^