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BREAKERZ – Miss Mystery January 26, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Miss Mystery
  2. Mr. Yes Man
  3. Sekai wa Odoru ~Acoustic Version~

1. Miss Mystery

BREAKERZ has been gradually getting more exciting and better with their A-sides and I’m really enjoying the hell out of Miss Mystery.  It doesn’t have a straightforward style which is good for them and stops from blandness.  It does seem like it’s a lighter version of “LAST†PRAY” with it’s darker-tinged atmosphere.  The chorus is a bit more poppier than it which is the biggest difference.  I thought a lot of the song sound great and so does DAIGO.  Solid start for a new era, I’ll say ^_^

2. Mr. Yes Man

The B-side lets the energy move a little more freely and it reminds me of their more older songs plus “GRAND FINALE”.  It’s actually pretty good and DAIGO doesn’t stress his vocals here, but I will say the verses are going to take a little time to get used to since DAIGO’s vocals sound a little unusual being more quiet and deeper.  What’s with the chanting of ~yes we can~?  This isn’t Bob the Builder guys…..All in all, it’s a fun song to listen to but not one of their better songs.

3. Sekai wa Odoru ~Acoustic Version~

Last but not least, we get an acoustic version of their 2nd A-side in Sekai wa Odoru.  Since we had two singles without an acoustic take of any song, seeing a new one on Miss Mystery was nice.  I actually like this version even though I haven’t heard the original.  It’s just super pleasant to listen to and AKIHIDE (I think….maybe SHUNPEI) played the guitars quite well against DAIGO’s vocals.  Impressive and is one of their best acoustic renditions yet.



BREAKERZ begins their 6th era with a pretty good single in Miss Mystery.  The leading song is energetic and a tad dark but enough to make it pop out and that’s why I liked about it.  However, the main star of the single has to be the acoustic take of Sekai wa Odoru…that was just pretty!  Mr. Yes Man is the weakest but makes sense since it’s just B-side material…Overall good start!


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