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Nami Tamaki – LADY MIND January 27, 2012

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Track Listing

  3. LADY MIND (Instrumental)
  4. START UP (Instrumental)


Who knew that one day Nami would acquire the help of the amazing Shinichi Osawa to one of her songs!  I have to say that I love this mix because her voice seems to work with the electro sound that Osawa produces.  Makes for an amazing combination.  To me, this song makes up for all the mistakes she’s made during her stint under UNIVERSAL-J it has tons of life and she’s having clearly from the PV as well.  The thing most people will probably point out in the song is that the arrangement is a little reminescent of Angelababy’s “Beauty Survivor” and Namie Amuro’s “NAKED” (which both are produced by Osawa as well).  I can totally see that but Nami’s vocals are unique to the song which is a major plus!  Great song and a new beginning to Nami ^_^


I was curious to see what the B-side was gonna end up like and it’s just as club friendly as “LADY MIND” fortunately.  I actually this is a bit more edgier (since this wasn’t an Osawa production funny enough).  I’m really loving the song oddly enough since it has a bit more punch and has better vocals.  I’m surprised that the B-side is actually at A-side level…it’s just great to hear! 



So, after a little break after her “Ready” album, Nami left UNI-J and joined Teichiku Records (which is known for their enka artists, Fudanjuku, and Kanjani∞).  I have to say, Nami’s first single under the label is super impressive and has rekindled my love for her!  LADY MIND ranks up their with the best Osawa works and START UP is refreshing yet damn energetic….oh yeah….she’s back *RECOMMENDED*


One Response to “Nami Tamaki – LADY MIND”

  1. Sean Says:

    Listened to the once now, I’m not that impressed. Not exactly my taste I guess. Am I fooling myself that we’ll ever get more stuff like on her first four albums?

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