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What’s On Brett’s iPhone?: WEEK 5 January 29, 2012

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Week 5…dang so let’s get this rolling then eh?

1. Backstreet Boys – The One

The Song: As the final song to really promote the album, The One was actually fan-picked which was pretty cool (though it was kind of hard to choose when the better songs were already singles hahaha.  It kind of has a rather Western (cowboyish) feel to it but it’s mainly a love song.

The Video: I think I was pretty bummed out by the video for The One as like with many fans were back then.  What still makes me frown are music videos that are filmed live on a tour like this one was and it felt super lazy that they couldn’t film true video for it (seeing as all the other singles from Millenium were really top-notch.  Though I will say that tour was pretty awesome (yeah, I went to see them once…WHAT OF IT?!?).

So why’s in on your iPhone, Brett?: This is another one of those kind of throwaway songs fro me but somehow ended up enjoying because of the music and the rather good vocals from the guys.  Plus it’s kind of nice they did a song for their fans…kind of started the whole “for the fans” kind of outlook for them.

2. Yoshino Hirano / Yuka Tsujiyoko – Petal Meadows

The Song: This little tune was actually found in the first area you go to before you get into Petalburg (the first major area outside of Rogueport you go to).  Since it’s an outside the city tune, I kind of liked it and it was sampling out but changing the original melody of the famous 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I kind of liked it enough to put on here because it was light, fun and it’s pretty bouncy.  Plus, it’s from one of my Mario games ever!

3. Jordin Sparks – No Air feat. Chris Brown

The Song: Released as Jordin’s third single for her debut self-titled album, No Air was an interesting pairing of the new voice from Jordin (who is quite powerful as we’ve heard in future releases starting with this one) and Chris Brown…before he owned Rihanna and got all tattooed (which is personally kind of ick). 

The Video: I mean the song is a little sad but a little much like a love song as well and the video kind of shows it off a bit better than what I thought it’d be in my mind.  The beginning showing the two apart was showing the distance between them and the lyrics fit in like glue actually.  Though it did get weird when they are face to face and just bringing the final chorus down…it was a little awkward.  Plus there were scenes where they sing face to face but are shadowed out with a light blue background…that was a little unusual to me too…but I still think they did well (mostly Jordin though)

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: Can’t deny that it was a good and powerful tune that year (2008).  No Air was really the song that kind of got me to enjoy Jordin Sparks a bit more as a singer since she was powerful as all hell.  I still question if it could’ve had a better male singer because Chris didn’t exactly bring it…sad >.>  Still, love the song today!

4. *NSYNC – I Drive Myself Crazy

The Song: As the final song to promote the group’s debut album, I Drive Myself Crazy was a rather interesting song from them.  I mean it’s not like their last single which was a ballad, but it more mid-tempo AND FINALLY SOMEONE BESIDES JC AND JUSTIN SANG.  No literally, I’m so happy Chris got to open the song up and he’s got a nice voice though a bit higher than all the members.  Anyways, the song’s lyrical content does come off as a little desperate and crazy but hey if the guys miss their girl (exception of Lance, mind you) I think they’re allowed to sing about it and I kind of liked it.

Oh BTW, this is the American cut of the song, the original version didn’t have Chris as the first singer…rather JC.  Plus the song had a different sound to it…a little less synthetic stuff going on (but the remodeled version IS SO MUCH BETTER). 

The Video: Of course, there’s also two different music videos for the song based on both versions the only true difference is the beginning XD.  I think, this video was one of their best, will not lie.  It was entertaining, very funny in some cases and just all kinds of things you wouldn’t expect from them. 

The setting is an insane asylum and the boys get locked in a room together.  Of course it shows all the guys and the reasons they’re so-called crazy like JC getting cheated on, Lance’s girl ups and leaves him, etc.  So we also have the woes in asylum and the guys are pretty insane hahah.  I mean Joey pulling the Superman outfit was so random but hilarious and with JC flipping the shit out at the TV…it was awesome.  Anyways the ending ends with the guys finally being able to go home and in comes the girls that essentially broke their hearts…IRONIC HUH LADIES!….yeah it was funny as hell XD.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: I loved *NSYNC and it was my first album that I ever had to myself so it was a great nostalgic memory for me.  I actually didn’t know this was a second version of the song and I’m happy they let Chris take major lyrics this time (since Lance and Joey rarely get any time).  Still, a breezy but kind of wild tune in lyrics and I loved it for that.

5. Miyavi – Jibun Kakumei -2003-

The Song: God, this is song is quite old like his 4th overall A-side XD.  I’m surprised that it never appeared on any of his album (well until he did that remix album with TeddyLoid).  Still, I think many fans love this song all-around and I have to say I do too!

The Video: Of his videos, I also say I liked this one a lot.  I mean MIYAVI looks badass with his white coat and shades on, plus he’s going around breaking shit…yeah this is nice, very nice.  Add in the dark and bleek look of the setting he’s in and it suits him really cool.  Plus the shots of him on the big screen made him look evil ^_^.  The only thing I was lost about was that there was a second him in some scenes…it was different but still cool.

So why’s it on your iPhone, Brett?: LOVE IT, it was one of the two MIYAVI songs that really caught me eye and pulled me into his weird rock style that made him popular (and relevant).  Jibun Kakumei -2003- is oddly one of his more straightforward songs but it was powerful and showed MIYAVI in a good way





2 Responses to “What’s On Brett’s iPhone?: WEEK 5”

  1. Winnie Says:

    N’Sync and Back Street Boys!! Brings back so many memories lol.
    I’m pretty glad BSB are still together 🙂
    Do you still follow them? I believe they’re going to release a new album this year 😀

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