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ClariS – Naishou no Hanashi January 30, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Naishou no Hanashi
  2. I’m in love
  3. Hontou wa
  4. Naishou no Hanashi -Instrumental-

1. Naishou no Hanashi

I’m not exactly sure why but I’m not really into Naishou no Hanashi for some reason.  The main reason I did get into ClariS was the fact that their A-sides have been all kinds of awesome and synthy stuff.  This time they replaced all the synths with rock instruments and took the auto-tune out of the vocals.  It’s a bit of a odd switch of genres but there’s some good things like the verses and the vocals…but I rather have stuff like “Connect” and “nexus”…

2. I’m in love

At least the B-side brought back something similar to their synth stuff.  I’m in love does remind me of the reasons I didn’t enjoy any of the B-sides from “nexus”.  It’s a bit too laidback but once again, I’m liking the less-synthed vocals which surprises me.  Of course the chorus also brought me in as well.  It’s pretty good actually after getting used to it for a bit.

3. Hontou wa

The other B-side is actually a ballad…hmmm odd.  Hontou wa is kind of nice but at the same time kind of boring and not very memorable at the least.  I will say the vocals impressed me a bit though so it saves the song from being entirely a failed attempt.



I will say that this was a step up from “nexus” since all the songs had something nice about them.  Naishou no Hanashi might take some time to get used to since it’s not like their previous efforts.  I’m in love and Hontou wa were both still a little under expectations…but vocally it was actually quite nice.  I guess I can remember this single better actually.


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