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ARTISTS BLOWOUT: Teh first of 2012! January 31, 2012

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Yup, there’s 7 artists that I decided to add on the site…well 3 are of my decision and 4 are recommendations XD…Since it is 4/3 I’ll go back and forth ^_^


The first group the was actually recommended to me was no3b which of course is another AKB-related sub-group but the music caught me off guard.  I’m gonna start with their single “Answer”.

Mayu Watanabe

Yep, I’ve said in my reviews of WH/WH7 that I was waiting for the time that Mayuyu would get a solo career and it seems that that became true and now I’m including her on the site starting with her debut, Synchro Tokimeki.


After BoA there hasn’t been really a solo artist that really caught me eye from Korea but there’s now a sign in IU.  She’s finally making the switch to the Japanese market with her single “Good Day” which I’ll review when it comes out.


Yeah another K-pop group crossover.  Though AFTERSCHOOL has been doing stuff in Japan for a little while.  Bang! will be the first review from them lol.  Another SNSD XD….aye carumba XD

Nagi Yanagi

As the ex-singer from supercell, Nagi Yanagi fortunately found herself starting a solo career and I’m so happy she did since she was a great singer for ryo.  Her debut single, Vidro Moyou will be reviewed in due time!

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Even though it’s really hard to describe their music, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas are unique to me and they surprised me with their music.  I’ll start with their recent release in “Just Awake”.

Jin Akanishi

Ex KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi surprised me by starting a solo career and trying for the American market as well.  I’m going to start with his single Eternal and work up to his upcoming album, JAPONICANA.



Like this list of artists??


18 Responses to “ARTISTS BLOWOUT: Teh first of 2012!”

  1. Regarding the list, for me the best is IU, her voice is O_O Her song good day is incredible as well other things she’s released. And also Nagi, i’m glad you added her on the list ^_^

  2. keyinjpop Says:

    Good choices but will that be all? Will you add some more later (ones I suggested)?

  3. Sammy Says:

    Yes Yes I love it! JIn, No3b and Mayuyu 8D (Ok I don’t care about Mayuyu much)

  4. Azul23 Says:

    Wish you would add AZU on here. She’s great!!!

  5. Yes for After School 😀

  6. deepriver Says:

    Yay for most of the artists!
    awwwwww for no FLOWER. * hint hint *
    /end shameless stanning

    Looking forward to your reviews!

  7. Ruka Says:

    I’m so glad you added Nagi! She has a really ncie voice!
    Oh god, Mayuyu. Let’s hope her song choice is good, because I find myself having a hard time liking her voice in WR7.

  8. babybabybaby Says:

    So glad you’re including Afterschool & IU! I was wondering, could you add Yuka Masaki & also BENI, aka Beni Arashiro / Daniels on there? (BENI is a j-R&B / pop singer – the audio to one of her more recent songs, yes or no – is here —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eftmQiE-7×8 )

  9. utatte-hoshii Says:

    Yay for adding Afterschool! ^^

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