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chatmonchy – Mangetsu ni Hoero February 1, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Mangetsu ni Hoero
  2. Mangetsu ni Hoero (Piano Inst)

1. Mangetsu ni Hoero

Mangetsu ni Hoero by chatmonchy is kind of a bit slower than previous A-sides (though let’s not forget their last single was back in 2009).  I will say that it sounds like good ole chatmonchy with a solid rock melody but I’m not sure if I can really take Eriko’s screaming in the chorus very much since it’s kind of piercing in headphones.  Though I can see this being a popular song sung live actually. 



Since it’s the first for the era, I was surprised at Manatsu ni Hoero since it’s not really bad of a song but Eriko can still manage a sour note here and there.  I will say since it’s the first single since their drummer Kumiko left the band, it feels like nothing has totally changed but it’s an alright song…I wonder how “Thermae Roman” will turn out.


One Response to “chatmonchy – Mangetsu ni Hoero”

  1. CJay Says:

    Thermae Roman is a pretty addicting song, even though its about taking baths.

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