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SuG – Fukanzen Beautyfool Days February 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Fukanzen Beautyfool Days
  2. SWEET COUNT DOWN (CD+DVD A & B Editions only)
  3. Vi-Vi-Vi <Rebirth Version> (CD C Edition only)
  4. Boom Boom Neat (Regular Edition only)

1. Fukanzen Beautyfool Days

It’s kind of strange that coming from “Toy Soldier”, we get this rather odd and kind of effortless song in “Fukanzen Beautyfool Days”.  I mean there’s points of the song that sound rather alright, but otherwise the song doesn’t feel very energetic and lacks the spark SuG songs usually has.  It’s just standard rock…sadly it’s their worst A-side of the era yet.


As a B-side it’s not surprising that I was more interested in this a little more than “Fukanzen Beautyfool Days”.  There’s a bit more excitement here and Takeru is doing a little rapping on the side in the song.  The cool thing is the guitar has more of a presence and is more edgy than before.  It’s like they took “☆Gimme Gimme☆” and made it better. 

3. Vi-Vi-Vi <Rebirth Version>

On another version of the limited single, we get a new version of Vi-Vi-Vi (which was originally from their first album “n0iZ stAr”).  I’m not sure of the changes of the song, but I’m guessing it’s probably just updating the tune.  I’m loving the synths though and Takeru gives one of his stronger performances than he had in a while.  Definitely a strong song and I’m happy they brought something back from the past!

4. Boom Boom Neat

On the regular, we get another brassy track with Boom Boom Neat and I also found myself liking this until Takeru starts to sing.  He kind of overdoes it in the song, but the song is still kind of infectious in a way.  I think it’s all right, but this song just kind of sits on the fence.



SuG disappointed me with their third single of the current era.  I don’t know why, but Fukanzen Beautyfool Days lacked a lot of the usual goodness that makes SuG songs so good!  However, SWEET COUNT DOWN did make up for that by being wild and having Takeru do a little rapping here and there.  Vi-Vi-Vi is pretty good retouch of their original song and I like that.  Boom Boom Neat is ok, but a little under the other GOOD tracks on the single.