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StylipS – STUDY×STUDY February 9, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Brand-new Style!! ~Mahou Mitai na Show time~
  3. Session Plan!
  4. STUDY×STUDY (inst)
  5. Brand-new Style!! ~Mahou Mitai no Show time~ (inst)
  6. Session Plan! (inst)


Starting the single off, STUDY×STUDY actually doesn’t sound too bad even though it’s the epitome of an idol song with a cutesy synth vibe laced with guitars and a very catchy chorus.  I will say that funny enough I can tell who Yui is in the song but the other three members kind mesh together vocally so it’s hard to seperate who’s vocals go to who.  Still the song is actually good, but it doesn’t have a long-lasting feel to it.  I guess it’s a solid debut (well…sort of). 

2. Brand-new Style!! ~Mahou Mitai na Show time~

Now this is something I would’ve expected from the quartet and that’s definitely a idol rock track.  Once again all four gals get their solo lines and I find myself just not liking Yui’s voice in the group hahaha.  I will say this is pretty nice to hear from them and a lot more stronger of a song than “STUDY×STUDY” which is kind of funny.  Though I think it’s funny they paired Maho and Arisa together and Yui and Kaori (YuiKaori) together XD. 

3. Session Plan!

Taking a more YuiKaori sound for the second B-side, Session Plan! gets the girls singing in a more genki tone and there’s things that are good but at the same time there’s some surprisingly bad things too like some of the girls just can’t seem to pull off cute vocals very well (Yui does…wow…).  Not my kind of song though…



So some of you are asking why I’m reviewing StylipS…well it’s actually because they are the members of Team DEKARIS who stopped going by that name (plus they were only doing one release).  Well, now it seems they could be a group thing hopefully.  Now since 3 of the four have been doing other stuff, I like their rather nice comeback with STUDY×STUDY.  The leading song is already but isn’t their best.  I actually think Brand-new Style!! is the big hitter actually.  As for Session Plan! it’s kind of forgettable but I’m sure it’ll appeal to idol fans out there ^_^…not bad actually.


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