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Couple of things are happening! February 15, 2012

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So yeah, I’m actually wanting to kickstart Fated Light up again so be on the lookout for new posts…here’s the link!!!  If you want to join comment here and I’ll see if you’d be a good part of the family (as I like to call it).  So there you have with that!




Also, if you haven’t joined Kurayami’s facebook fanpage do so! It’ll be worth your while to see me write on completely different stuff! here’s the link to that site!




Also I’ve sent an e-mail to a fellow site, Hello! Sayunii…maybe to join their group and help out in places so it means it’ll get busy but this site will still be my pride and joy!


ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!!: Well…a small one xD

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Yeahhhh so I just decided to add 7 new artists….one I already reviewed xD


The first group is actually the group I’ve already did a review of their debut single!  Now, I personally don’t think it’s a “NEW” group persay but it’s a definite new style for this group which has YuiKaori, Arisa Noto, and Maho Matsunaga.  If it looks familiar, it should because those are all the members of Team DEKARIS back in 2010.  So I’m curious to see how long this group will last XD


Now here’s a group that’s basically unknown to except a few people.  Why?  Because they are part of BEMANI / KONAMI in the way that they do music for the Pop n’ Music series as well as Beatmania!  Even though they have a lot of songs they only recently released their sophomore album….gonna review both hopefully ^_^


Our next artist is quite the anison singer and even though she’s released a lot in such a short time, I’m just going to begin her 4th era with “Invisible Message”.


I’m going to add SONY’s girl group FLOWER which might be interesting considering it is SONY backing them up.  Plus, I’ve heard them via the E-Girls collaboration so I wonder how their music stacks up to Dream and Happiness (even though I don’t like the latter).

Super Junior

Yup, I’m adding that huge boy group that could totally pass for being epic with Super Junior.  Of course this is restricted to their JPN releases so I’m going to start with Bijin first!

Leo Ieiri

Another artist included is actually debuting this month, already called a YUI-voice, Leo Ieiri does have that tone going for her and it’s great!  Reviewing her debut single, “Sabrina”!


The last group added is ALTIMA who are actually a special group containing members that are well-known in the anison world.  Maon Kurosaki (the solo gal), motsu from m.o.v.e, and sat who produces and is 1/2 of fripSide came together for this super-trio.  I’m going to review their debut “I’ll believe”.