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Leo Ieiri – Sabrina February 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Sabrina
  2. ripe
  3. Sabrina (Instrumental)
  4. ripe (Instrumental)

1. Sabrina

So it seems we have another YUI-like artist in Leo Ieiri and it could’ve been like it was YUI at first because Leo’s vocals sound almost like the proclaimed artist but IMO Leo has better tone quality and control over YUI.  It’s kind of scary to say that but seriously it’s like her to a T.  Sabrina as a song didn’t help the connection as well because it does remind of a song that YUI would release.  Now to the performance, like I said I liked Leo’s vocals and the song is rather catchy and I thought how Leo says ~saburina~ is kind of cute.  However, the only drawback I could think of is that…it’s kind of short and depends a lot on the chorus (especially towards the end).  Still a solid debut A-side here!

2. ripe

The B-side is actually a bit more filled out and does a good job showing Leo’s vocals a bit better as it’s a ballad.  Now here is where I lose the whole YUI-like tone of her voice as she sounds a little more sweet and a bit more controlled.  As for the song, it’s actually quite nice and I like the chorale in the background during the chorus…it kind of has this good-bye kind of setting.  I liked this!



As Leo’s debut single, I thought she did pretty well setting herself up for a career.  I’m hoping she becomes popular because she has great vocals that could channel either YUI or ayaka in some cases!  If her company promotes her right, she could perhaps be the next big thing!  I’m excited for future releases from her!


2 Responses to “Leo Ieiri – Sabrina”

  1. Love her songs, the announcement for her next single has been made and the teaser video is spectacular. Even those 15 seconds were enough to keep me looping it.. amazing style!!


  2. Maria Says:

    She’s so similar to YUI because YUI helped with the production of this single lol

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