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Yui Sakakibara / Yui Ogura – Manatsu no Cielo/Samurai Girl February 19, 2012

Filed under: Yui Sakakibara — solarblade @ 3:12 am

Track Listing

  1. Manatsu no Cielo
  2. Samurai Girl
  3. Manatsu no Cielo (instrumental version)
  4. Samurai Girl (instrumental version)

1. Manatsu no Cielo

As it is a split single, I was curious to what we got since both vocalists are really pitchy singers.  However it seems it’s true for this single because Yui S. is singing in a very squeaky tone (which is something I’m not too big of a fan of).  It’s got an all right arrangement being cutesy pop/rock and all but I just couldn’t really take Yui’s vocals here.  Pass…

2. Samurai Girl

On the flip side we get Yui Ogura who’s also well-known for her squeaky vocals.  Now for a title as Samurai Girl I was expecting a bit more punch but it felt weak and kind of held back when compared to “Manatsu no Cielo”.  I’m still quite sure that I don’t like Yui Ogura very well unlike Sakakibara because she does have the ability to sing lower…I just didn’t enjoy this song.



As a split single and idea I thought it was nice to get Sakakibara and Ogura together since they both have that squeaky cute voice going.  However, neither song did much for either singer moreso for Ogura because the arrangement was rather super weak for her!  Not very good of a release IMO.


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