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SCANDAL – HARUKAZE February 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. ALONES (Limited A only)
  3. *~Asterisk~ (Limited B only)
  4. HARUKAZE (Instrumental)


As the only original song on the single, HARUKAZE is actually tied to the Bleach series so it was known I was thinking it was going to have an anime-ish feel to it.  I’m not sure but it feel like a whole new voice I’m listening to during the first set of verses…but I’m sure it’s just HARUNA singing along.  From that point to the second verses it’s really good.  TOMOMI though is still vocally way high and still doesn’t fit SCANDAL very much and I just didn’t like her vocals in this song as I would in songs from “BABY ACTION”.  Besides that blip, the rest of the song is actually nice and fits the series quite well…not my favorite Bleach song but it’s good nonetheless.


The rest of the single contains covers of other Bleach-related songs starting with ALONES which is originally a song done by Aqua Timez.  Funny enough, I never liked ALONES because I didn’t enjoy the band’s vocalist very well and kind of gave me a headache.  SCANDAL’s version seems to alleviate the problem and I hear MAMI singing as well which gives a bit more movement.  This was a good cover here!

3. *~Asterisk

The other song they chose to cover is one of ORANGE RANGE’s more well-known songs in the West and that’s *~Asterisk which is based off the single version of course.  Sadly, I don’t think SCANDAL should have covered this song because there’s a lot of rapping in the songs and quite frankly, the girls sound awkward and messy doing those parts.  I’ll give them props for trying though because it is a tough song to cover.



As the lead-in single into their first best-of album, “SCANDAL SHOW”, HARUKAZE is an odd single for me.  The A-side is pretty good, though has flaws but it’s a strong enough song to stand on its own, it’s just that there’s a couple A-sides that are way better lol.  The covers were half & half for me.  ALONES being the stronger cover while *~Asterisk was kind of weak and very messy for me.  At least it’s an intersting idea to make the single all about Bleach right?


misono / Me – Maialino!/”…。” no Tsuzuki ~Eien Nante Nai… Itsuka Owari ga Aru Keredo~

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Track Listing

  1. Maialino!
  2. “…。” no Tsuzuki ~Eien Nante Nai… Itsuka Owari ga Aru Keredo~
  3. Maialino! (Instrumental)
  4. “…。” no Tsuzuki ~Eien Nante Nai… Itsuka Owari ga Aru Keredo~ (Instrumental)

1. Maialino!

Starting the single off is misono’s track and it kind of starts off like her quiet ballads with the pretty unimpressive vocals and whiny tone to throw it off.  After the lengthy intro, it opens up with a more rockin’ atmosphere!  I also took notice to the 7:15 time limit of the song and I thought that was pretty ridiculous.  The aggressive and speedy parts were the best but when it cuts to the slower areas, misono’s vocals really hit speed bumps and she gets all shrilly.  Take out those parts and take out the background vocals and we could’ve had a pretty good song…but otherwise some parts had bad vocals and it was too long for me.

2. “…。” no Tsuzuki ~Eien Nante Nai… Itsuka Owari ga Aru Keredo~

So the uber long and strange titled song is a Me song (as in it’s misono’s younger version of herself…though younger self = day after tomorrow misono? w/e).  Anyways the song (pronounced Period no Tsuzuki) is actually the ballad of the single!  While I’m not sure her singing is any better here than in “Maialino!” but she’s singing with gusto which is interesting to hear that in her voice.  Still the chorus is probably the weakest since the melody is slow-paced and misono is still kind screaming those parts out.  Even though it’s almost at 6 minutes, I liked this a little more than the other A-side.



As the final single for her Me era (I think…the album was cancelled but it could’ve just been pushed back), I found myself not enjoying Maialino!/Period no Tsuzuki as i did with the last single.  Even though this is the first song ~misono~ put out since her third album, Maialino! was just ick on a stick for me.  I mean besides the rock parts, the song was a big bust and her vocals nosedived into dangerously bad there.  Period no Tsuzuki was a step up but doesn’t come close to “Ho・n・to・u・so ” for the most part…curious about this Me album now…