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yanaginagi – Vidro Moyou February 26, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Vidro Moyou
  2. concent
  3. Vidro Moyou (instrumental)
  4. concent (instrumental)

1. Vidro Moyou

I’m surprised Nagi would actually get help from I’ve Sound with her debut A-side.  Vidro Moyou has those signature synth beats and sounds which was quite obvious.  Thing is, is that Nagi hasn’t lost that rather sweet yet airy voice she had when she was singing under ryo.  The song is quite relaxing and laidback which is kind of interesting and helps Nagi to vocalize with the song in a different level.  I wasn’t expecting much for a debut, but this is really simple and really nice…I’m enjoying this A-side a lot!

2. concent

Considering that I’ve didn’t have anything to do with the B-side, I was curious at what we ended up with.  I’m surprised that it’s even more laidback than “Vidro Moyou” but also quite surprised Nagi is singing with a more pronounced and quiet tone.  It might come off as a little abstract and different from the normal, but it’s a really interesting song and shouldn’t be passed up either.



I still can’t believe ryo ditched Nagi for his future supercell releases.  I mean this girl has nice vocals and you giving it up for a girl who sounds quite frankly poor when compared to Nagi.  At least she opted for a solo career and it works because her debut single is all kinds of good for me.  Vidro Moyou does sound like I’ve Sound but doesn’t drovel in which is GREAT since it escapes boredom.  concent might be a little odd, but she worked it well and I found myself liking this track too.  Overall?  *RECOMMENDED*


4 Responses to “yanaginagi – Vidro Moyou”

  1. I’m obsessed with the A-side, synths + Nagi = perfection xD
    As well you can check the other single killer song 🙂

  2. Yanagi Nagi Freak@ Malaysia(Nia Under) Says:

    i devour all Yanagi Nagi song. Hope for more song in near Future and Her PV

  3. yuko1909 Says:

    sigh… Just so disappointed that Nagi won’t be with supercell anymore…

  4. Candy Says:

    Um, Ryo did not ditch Nagi, Nagi left to become a soloist. It was her own choice

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