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Mayu Watanabe – Synchro Tokimeki February 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Synchro Tokimeki
  2. Mitsuami no Kimi e
  3. Shinjuku Yuutousei (Regular edition only)
  4. Lavender no Juutan (Limited A only)
  5. Mayuyuroid (Limited B only)
  6. Saba no Kanzume (Limited C only)
  7. Synchro Tokimeki (instrumenal)
  8. Mitsuami no Kimi e (instrumental)
  9. Shinjuku Yuutousei (instrumental)
  10. Lavender no Juutan (instrumental)
  11. Mayuyuroid (instrumental)
  12. Saba no Kanzume (instrumental)

1. Synchro Tokimeki

Mayuyu kicks her debut off with well…something that was totally expected for being one of the cuter and more recognizable members from AKB48.  The song kind of reminds me of tons of songs done by Aki.P so it’s no surprise that I found it to be a little disappointing.  I actually think this sounds like something I would hear from Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 actually…it’s cute and Mayu sounds alright for the most part but the music is uneventful for me.

2. Mitsuami no Kimi e

It’s sad that this song reminds me of the A-side minus love of synthed up horns haha.  It’s a bit more natural sounding of a song and showcases Mayuyu’s cute vocals a bit more but I still find myself thinking it’s bland and forgettable.  Maybe the light sitar was the only surprising aspect but I just can’t with this song.

3. Shinjuku Yuutousei

>.<  Really Aki.P?  There’s plenty of other instruments to use besides synth horns dude!  As the regular edition’s bonus track, Shinjuku Yuutousei is a little more serious sounding than the previous two tracks and I do like that about it and Mayuyu is singing quite nicely along with the meh arrangement.  So far it’s my favorite off the single but it’s not exactly saying much.

4. Lavender no Juutan

Yeesh at Mayuyu, she’s just really wanting this single to feel like one whole song doesn’t she?  Though I get very light ska vibes in this song while retaining her idol pop sound and I hear a little bit of auto-tune in various places in the song.  I’m not too big of a fan of this one but this will sure get some ears perking I think…

5. Mayuyuroid

At least Mayuyuroid tries to be something absurdly different than the previous songs by being the kind of song that I would actually find on a Katamari OST.  Especially that heavily auto-tuned/filtered introduction.  I’m also hearing some electric guitar as well which made me happy.  While it’s probably the most sugary thing Mayu has done…I kind of like it haha. 

6. Saba no Kanzume

Funny that after all of that, the Limited C version is a moving ballad which at first sounds like it was going into JERO-land and it kind of does and I’m VERY surprised at this song for sure.  I didn’t know Mayuyu can sound THIS good since she’s singing in a much deeper tone than I’m so used to.  The only thing I think is a little irksome is her note sweeping, it feels awkward to me and sounds just as much but still pretty good!



Mayuyu’s debut single didn’t really do much to impress me very well and chose weak songs to promote her IMO.  I didn’t really like Synchro Tokimeki, Mitsuami no Kimi e, and Lavender no Juutan.  They felt like so many previous efforts from various ___48 groups and Mayu’s own group WH7.  Things moved better with Mayuyuroid since it was unusual but somehow worked with her cute voice and Shinjuku Yuutousei took that and made the arrangement a little more serious sounding which is pretty good.  Though Saba no Kanzume is on its own league since it’s a totally different voice IMO haha.  Still pretty good though.  Hopefully her next one will be better >.>


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  1. Lex Says:

    lmao You used THAT cover. XDD

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