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Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – Shiny tale February 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Shiny tale
  2. Pirates of Emerald (Regular & Limited A only)
  3. Capsule (Limited C only)
  4. Shiny tale -TV Edit-
  5. Shiny tale -Instrumental-
  6. Capsule -Instrumental-

1. Shiny tale

I will be honest here, I wasn’t expecting Mix Speaker’s to actually pull a SID for their next single because the intro really sounds like something the other band would use.  I will say that I liked hearing YUKI & MIKI together in this one.  However, I felt like they were just riding the anison waves for this song (since it’s tie-in is an anime).  I kind of wished there was more to this song but to me it feels plain…though the piano and bass were nice.

2. Pirates of Emerald

On two versions of the single, we get Pirates of Emerald and it’s really loud and sounds pretty typical for the band but it’s not too bad of a song.  Some of the verses are a little messy, but the chorus actually makes up for that and both vocalists really sound awesome.  Plus with the theme of the single, it kind of fits with some of the string parts and chanting as well.  Not bad and funny enough the only good song on the single >.<

3. Capsule

Limited C gets an extra track in Capsule and I wasn’t prepared for this song to be rather light and slower than “Shiny tale” was.  I think MIKI is singing primarily while YUKI takes the backups for this song.  I’m also not really feeling this song very well because it felt underproduced and when the two guys sung it sounds like a JE song but with a band.  I don’t know, not impressed.



As their first single of the era, Shiny tale just disappointed me overall.  Shiny tale as a whole felt like any other J-rock anime theme there is so it felt unoriginal and basic and Capsule felt underproduced and cheesy.   The only thing keeping the single from being pure crap is Pirates of Emerald which suits the theme here in a good way… Wow I didn’t think the band would start this era on such a low note >.<


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